Fighting For Her Love

Hi my name is Alison i am from Miami and i am 19 years old and i am in love with 2 boys their names are Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne i really don't know who to chose i love them both at the same time i have 6 BFFS who are helping me throw this.

Find Out Who Wins Alison is it gonna be Liam or Louis read on to find out more...-Alison




Alison's POV

i walked in to my BFFS store DASH.

"Hey Alison"

"Hey Kourtney"

"oh yea i almost forgot here"

"why a dress?"

"Cuz your coming with us for the Victoria Secret fashion show"


"no problem why dont you try it on"


i put it on it was a pink strapless dress i fitted perfectly i showed it to Kourtney.

"OMG its looks beautiful"


Khloe Kim Kendall and Kylie walked in and saw me in the dress.

"OMG"they all said


"you look beautiful"


"thats totally going to be perfect for u"

"thanks how much for it"

"nothing you can keep it for free"

"really thanks'

"no problem"

i went to the fitting room and took it off.

"oh and also their are gonna be celeb"


"ok and also we are going to have a makeup person and a hair designer do our things ok"

"WOW thanks"

"no problem"

" i got to go bye see u later"

"k bye"

i left and went home.

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