My Addiction

My name is Ashlynn. I just turned 18. We just moved from a small town in Alabama to this cold wet damp place called Missouri. I miss my home town. My friends. My life. Till one day I met this beautiful boy. He was different. He was perfect. He had this way about him that just made me happy. But he was hiding something. Something he can't control. But it was too late... He already became My Addiction..


2. Name?😶

"I'm sorry but my name is Ashlynn". As we walked up the stairs to my door. "We live next to each other. Hm that's good". He winked. "Um what's your name". I looked away. "Oh I'm sorry how rude of me. My name is Damien. We live right next to you guys. My mom & two brothers & I. I've been here my whole life. It's nice". I smiled. He seems pretty nice. I might like it here after all.

After about a hour of unpacking things, my mom got done with dinner and I asked if Damien wanted some. He declined & said he'd better get back to help his mom with dinner, that his brother becomes a monster when he's hungry.

"Hey um Ashlynn. Would you like to hang out sometime." He flashed a smile at me. "Um yeah sure." Some how I couldn't say no. The way his eyes looked at me and the way his smile just shown I. The street lights I couldn't say no. "Here my number. Text me tomorrow beautiful". I blushed "Um okay. I'll see you then". As he turned & walked away. I felt different. Like I needed him here next to me. That I need him..

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