My Addiction

My name is Ashlynn. I just turned 18. We just moved from a small town in Alabama to this cold wet damp place called Missouri. I miss my home town. My friends. My life. Till one day I met this beautiful boy. He was different. He was perfect. He had this way about him that just made me happy. But he was hiding something. Something he can't control. But it was too late... He already became My Addiction..


1. Him❤️


"Now sweetheart just give this place a chance."

"But I don't want to be here.. I miss home.. My friends and our family. We know no one here and I don't want to make new ones mom. Can we just go home. To dad."

My mother & father just got a divorce. He got my twin sister Sarah-Lynn. I miss her. We look completely different, we got tired of looking the same so I kept my blonde hair like my mom & she took the red head like my dad. She got green contacts even. But she was my beast friend now.. We are states apart.

"Ashlynn I'm not having this right now. You know your father & I are separated. Now please go & unpack. So I can start dinner." My mom can be pretty bitchy.

I walked upstairs & started unpacking. We moved to a town house. So it's really small. And I hate it. As I was doing all the hard work of unpacking my mom got to mess with little things. And not help at all.

"Bump" I fell to the ground with the boxes. " I'm so sorry are you okay?" A mans voice said. I looked up to see gorgeous blue eyes & a worried face. " I ah I ah um yeah" I tried to say. "I'm okay now". He smiled & helped me up. "Where you from? You have a cute southern accent". I blushed & smiled "Alabama. My mom & I just moved in today". He smiled & picked the boxes up.. With one hand. He was muscular but now that strong. He realized it & pretended to almost drop it. "This is really heavy. Here go ahead inside I'll help you ladies". I smiled nervously but I let him in. He's pretty odd & strange.. He's giving off weird vibes.. I wonder what's his story..

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