Crazy Right

Miley is a seventeen year old girl who had a really hard past she wishes that it never happened but she cant change the past but she can change the future. Read to find out more of Mileys past present and future. all grammer mistakes i am very sorry for i am not that good grammer.


3. Seeing Him Again and very important authors note



Ok so the boys and me got to the airport ' um..... why are we at a airport ' I asked ' oh yeah we are going to London ' liam said ' no way ' ' yes way ' ' awesome I have never been to London ' it will be so much fun I though we all got on their private jet it was so cool soon we started lifting off the ground '' oh my this is to high for me '' ''it is only going to get higher '' niall said '' god you scared me niall '' '' sorry '' '' its ok '' ''are you scared '' '' yeah I am scared of heights '' '' oh you can cuddle with me if you want to '' ''ok I will I think I will go to sleep too ''

     Niall's pov-

she slept so long and quiet her face looks a lot like Louis and her personality is like Louis to apart from her hair they look like brother and sister maybe I should take a blood sample to see so that is what I did we have a dna machine on the jet.  I waited then I woke everyone up '' GUYS THERE IS A FIRE HELP HELP HELP '' they all woke to that ''just kidding but look Louis you and miley are brother and sisters. They looked pretty mad. But they got over that '' wait you two are sibilings, crap '' said harry '' um louis did you know about this '' '' um kinda '' louis '' '' i knew a little about you but they said you were dead '' '' just great my whole fucking life is a complelte lie '' '' look when you were born you had breathing probeelms and they said you were dead so we belived them and a couple years back we found out you were never dead so we wanted to find you but we looked everywhere but we coundnt find you but when i meet you i thought maybe you were my little sister miley so i looked farthwr into it and you were i was going to tell you but you fell asleep and here we are now '' said louis i was in total shock so was everybody else then they all started cheering an then i heard my ex-boyfriend what '' josh what are you doing here? ''  '' just wondering how your family was doing '' he said with a smirk wait everyone knows that my family was dead '' wait your him ... '' '' yes i am him '' '' you big asshole how could you '' i went up and hit him then he grabbed my and put a gum to my head and said '' anyone that moves  she will get shot '' josh why are you doing this we used to be perfect until you started abusing me this is your fault '' '' because you deserved it you ugly bitch '' '' hey dont talk to her that way '' niall said '' oh yeah and what are you going to you going to do about that '' '' um call the police '' '' oh i am so scared how about this '' and he shot niall '' no niall '' i screamed h

niall fell to the ground bleeding '' no niall let me go josh '' he let me go i ran over to niall  he was bleeding like crazy '' quick someone help me '' i said

------------------------------------- hey guys sorry it was a long chapter i was just really was bored and i needed some thing to do to keep my mind of of this life has been really hard grrr i wish people would just leave me out of their drama god people will just leave me alone i wont be updating for the next week because i am going to my moms house and she does not have internet only my dad but i will be writing in my notebook so when i come back i will have something to write thanks for keeping up with my thank you -miley 

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