Crazy Right

Miley is a seventeen year old girl who had a really hard past she wishes that it never happened but she cant change the past but she can change the future. Read to find out more of Mileys past present and future. all grammer mistakes i am very sorry for i am not that good grammer.


2. Back to Real Life

So the last six years i have been in Mrs. liddys orpange for girls it really stincks here i am the oldest girl here i really miss my home and family but i make it though i cut and have suiscidal thoughts " girls get down here now there are some very nice boys here that would like to adopt one of you " just great i though more people to past me by i got dressed in light blue ripped jeans black shoes high-low shirt i have long wavy blond hair and peiring blue eyes i am also aneatrex i walk down stairs and see all the girls lined up and wait one direction omg i love one direction i got in line next to mary who is 16 and already had 3 children that she gave away how nice not. " girls please be very nice to these boys they are going to talk to all of you one at a time so boys you can go now " all the boys talked to all the girls but me i was kinda sad  but who cares they went in to Mrs. Libbys office -15min. later- the boys and Mrs .Libby come back out and Mrs.Libby says " miley go pack your stuff the boys are adopting you " i was so happy i ran up to my room and got my four sets of clothes and ran back down stairs flipped ever body off ad got in the limo with one direction omg i was so exicted once I got in the car the boys started asking me lots of questions " ok look do you guys want to know about my past and why I was in a orpanhge " I asked " yeah we do " said zany " ok so here is my story when I was seven my gramma died then when I was eight my parents got divorced then when I was nine I almost died and was bullied a lot because I was over weight when I was ten my life was perfect I met my two best friends we are not friends any more when I was elevn my house was set on fire my dad died in the fire also someone murdered my mom I knew someone was trying to kill my family they got my parents now all they had to get was me I have been living in that orpahge for my life sicne then so that is my story " by this time the boys and I were crying 'also I cut myself and have suicidal thoughts and I am anextroiticx " we were all crying by now and I toally lost it right then and there. 

--------------------------------------   ok so how was that chap I know it was kinda short I hope you guys enjoyed it um I will probably update tonight or tomorrow love you all my little carrots - miley  

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