Crazy Right

Miley is a seventeen year old girl who had a really hard past she wishes that it never happened but she cant change the past but she can change the future. Read to find out more of Mileys past present and future. all grammer mistakes i am very sorry for i am not that good grammer.


5. At The Hopital

" who ever move to help the boy will be shot " josh said I got up and went up to him and punched him in the guts " take that " I said I went back to niall took of my sweat-shirt and put it on nialls stomach where josh shot him then josh said " oh sweetheart I am sorry to do this but you moved so now I have to shoot you " " no " I yelled to late he shot me in the stomach I screamed and then he said " no I think you need more pain " he yelled and shot me in the head then I blacked out 

Louis  pov 

" no niall miley " they both blacked we would be landing in a couple min. I ran up to this josh guy and I punched him in the face then all the other boys tried to get me off of him because I pretty much destroged him  but oh well he deserved it he shot my band mate and my sister and no one meshes with me we landed and the ambulance came and got niall and miley liam went with them and the police got josh and paul drove us to the hospital to wait for niall and miley we have been here for six hours waiting for niall and miley they went into surgire and have been in there forever finally someone says niall horan the the nine of us stand up me liam zayn harry paul perrie el and dani oh and selena " oh please follow me the his room she said we followed her and we see niall awake on the bed watching spongbob on tv " guys are you guys ok wait were is miley " " yeah were fine but miley is still in surguri " we are all just sitting here it has been eight hours since miley has been in surgir we are getting very weried then someone knocks on the door its open we yelled then someone wheeled in ......  miley oh my god I thought she looked horrible they hooked her up to so many thins " what is wrong with her " paul asked " she is a coma " the doctor said we all froze thank you paul said " oh my " I said " my little sister is in a coma "

- skip a month -

it has been a month niall got realsed a week ago but miley is still in a coma they are going to pull the cord if she dosent wake up today we are all sitting aroung her bed the her life thin went dead the doctor rushed in and everyone started crying everyone was here even the doctors cryed we had set up a livestream I think everyone was watching it and they are all crying to then we here " did someone die " we all looked up and saw miley she just talked she is alive " OH MY GOD  MILEY YOU'RE ALIVE " I yelled " um.. yeah I have been for twenty min. " " what " I yelled  " you have been in a coma for three weeks " I yelled "what how could I have been " " well you were " I said 

mileys pov

" wait weres niall " I yelled " right here " he said " oh my god niall I am so sorry it is my fault that you got hurt you look better then before if I wasn't on the plane with you guys he would have never hurt anyone of yous just me I he has been going after me for ever since we broke up three years ago he was ab never mind I will tell you later I am so sorry that you guys got hurt it was my fault I should of know he would come after my again " I said I was all out of breath after I said that then all the boys started yelling at each other paparitzzi was at the window snapping pictures and I had to call in the nurse to close the window so they could not see us then finally after they stopped fighting they all saw I wad a scared look on my face " I am so sorry little sis " Louis said then everyone gave me a big hug I know love horan hugs :) " its ok " I said then there was a knock on the dor and the nurse came in "ok miss Tomlison you are free to go " she said the girls brought my some cloths to wear and then I got dressed and Louis singed my papers so that I could leave and we all walked out of the building and wow was all I could say there was people everywhere how are we going to get to the car I asked " we run : says harry " um guys hello I was in a coma for three weeks I cannot run " I said " oh yeah um get on my back " says niall " Louis help me up " I said " ok " he said the boys ran and niall ran with on his back to the car and we all got in " wow that was a lot of people " " yeah we get used to it tho " says zayn " oh " I said then I fell asleep on nialls shoulder I think I might be falling head over heels for niall I thought in my dream

 nialls pov

miley fell asleep on my shoulder an I thought in my head I think I am falling head over heels for miley I thought


hi um sorry it was a long chapter but it will hold you down for a while I am going camping for a while sorry for any spelling errors I really am trying leave youre comments below of what you think is going to happen with miley and niall mmmm I wonder kidding I already now but will try to update before I leave but I have to pack still so I will try please favorite like and comment thank you so much my little carrots so much -miley

and yes that picture for my profile pic is really me bye my little carrots again -miley



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