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3. the idea

I wake up On a street wait I remember this street I used to live on this street that is before I got busted for drug trafficking then I moved but anyway I should probably find Maria and Pedro I walk down the street hmmm that's strange nobody's around i pull my phone out of my back pocket and check the time it's 3:00 AM we'll that explains it then I hear some thing it sounds like mumbling Its coming from an old rundown auto body shop I the door is locked so I look through the window it's Pedro and Maria! I break the window and crawl through oh no Maria is unconscious And Pedro is barely awake both are badly beaten and are in desperate need of medical attention I pull out my cell phone and call my friend . Fernandez who dropped out of med school he still knows a thing or two he said he'd be right over while I was waiting I cut both of them loose and 5 minutes later Fernandez pulled up in his van I helped him load them and then we drove to his auto body when we arrived Fernandez told me that I will be about a week or so for them to heal

So I went home and thought about who or why they would do this then I remembered my dad was a former gang member before he died he told me I had to pay of some sort of det he owed to his boss his boss never got the money so he went after me this is all my fault oh no!

After a week I go to the auto body to find Fernandez shot and laying beside an empty operating table the men my dad used to work for must have taken Maria and Pedro I go home and lay down I'm so worried about Maria and Pedro

Then my phone rings I answer deliver the money to my associates at the docks with in 5 days or your freands will finally meet their maker a muffeled voice says then he hangs up oh no oh no oh no I know how these guys operate even if I do give them the money they will still kill Maria and Pedro I have an idea I grab the keys to my car and drive down to the local drug store the owner is a very good friend of mine I park my car on the ride take the keys out and walk into the drug store Botswana I whisper in the mans ear he leads me Down to a room with guns all over the walls the man passes me a bag and I take a beret 50 caliber sniper rifle, two mp 40s and 2 suppressed 44 magnums and a mask and rope and a military grade rocket launcher after that I pay the man and go home I start getting ready I have to kill the before they find out what I'm doing. I go to bed after making plans.

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