Phases of the Moon

"Just like the phases of the moon, we all have dark sides"


1. 001

"Michael do we have to go? what if this is the wrong forest?" Alice said as Michael and Herself Stood in front of the gates of the Chanceton woods.

"Johnny said the party was here. In the Chanceton Woods. " He said tugging the bottom of his black shirt down. " its has to be here"

They were heading to a Halloween party. Them being the 'non populars' decided to go for a change. They asked Johnny, the jock, where the party was and he sent them there. The Chanceton Woods. Known as the place where nobody returns.

Michael had his face painted. White covered his face, dark black circles around his eyes and a smile on his cheeks looking like a skeleton. His black shirt was torn and showed his skin along with his ripped jeans and dirty converse.

Alice was Alice from Alice in wonderland. It was cliche but she couldn't think of anything else to wear. She had my blue dress in and striped tights. A black ribbon pushed her blonde hair back like Alice in the movie.

"Are you scared?" Michael nudged Alice.

Alice sighed. She was scared. Even if she denied it Michael would know it.

"No. But anyways look Michael. It even says do not enter and the gates locked too. I don't think we should go" Alice said.

"Alice chill it's okay we can squeeze through the bars. They aren't that small" Michael paused sliding easily between two thin bars. "See? Cheer up. It's halloween eat some candy and pretend your someone your not okay?"

Alice huffed in defeat and slid between two bars.

"now" Michael paused patting parkers back. " lets go find that party"

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