Emma Tramway entered a contest to tour with 5 Seconds of Summer for a two blissful months. She never thought she'd win. Now, she's a seventeen year old girl, alone with four boys and the management. Unexpected romance starts to bud, and Emma finds herself torn between two very different guys. With all the odds stacked against her, what will happen when the contest is over and she has to choose who steals her heart? Winner of the 2014 BMA 5SOS Fanfiction award! :)


3. Chapter Three

"Pass the pancakes, please." Luke asks, with his mouth full. 

Even with his mouth full he was still attractive.

Oh god Emma! Get ahold of yourself! It was about 9:00 in the morning and I had just woken up. I thought the boys would still be asleep so I would have time to get ready, but noo! They hogged the bathroom the entire time so I had to come to breakfast looking like the bride of Frankenstein. Joy! 

"I'm making waffles!" Michael called from the kitchen, waving his dinosaur oven mitts in the air. 

These boys never seemed to amaze me on how much stuff they put into their mouths. Michael had already eaten about six pancakes. I had no idea how he could still be hungry.

I swear they ate like bears! Well, four very cute bears with stylish hairdos. 

"Yeah, no. Sorry." I say, picking up the last pancake and putting it on my plate.

It makes a light flop as it hits the ceramic. Luke looks at it longingly and glares at me. It's not like he hasn't eaten! He and the boys had eaten seven of the twenty pancakes and continued to eat until this very last pancake that I managed to steal. 

"Emma!" He groans,"I wanted that!" 

"I haven't eaten Luke, this is my first pancake." I point out.

He laughs and sticks his tongue out at me just as Michael sat down a plate of steaming hot waffles. Luke quickly grabbed a waffle and stuffed it in his mouth. Like really, he could've just had a damn waffle and save everybody some time! 

Michael quickly swipes the plate of waffles back and shoots Luke a dirty look,"No more for you Luke! These are for the rest of us." 

Luke stopped chewing and spits his waffle back into his hand. 

"Oh sorry, do you want it back?" He asks Michael sweetly. 

Michael smacks his hand away and scoots his chair closer to me,"Ew Luke. No!" 

I crinkle my nose as Luke plops the waffle back in his mouth with a laugh. Boys could be so disgusting sometimes. We all ate in silence after that, as we watched Calum play Halo on the xbox. It was funny to watch him die because he would completely freak out. Michael and Luke started messing with him, making him die on purpose. It was so funny, I almost choked on my orange juice. After a couple of minutes, Calum finally snapped. 

"WOULD YOU GUYS STOP IT AND EAT YOUR SHITTY WAFFLES!" He yelled at us, throwing his controller onto the couch. 

Michael held in his snickers as Calum stormed into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him. After he shut the door, we all completely lost it and started cracking up laughing. 

"Hey, don't swear!" We heard Ashton yell from the back. 

We finally controlled ourselves after a couple of minutes. I knew we were being jerks to Calum, but he would get over it. I had a feeling that they did this to him a lot. 

"So, when are you available for lunch?" Luke suddenly asks me, as Michael got up to clean off his plate.

My hands start to shake at the reminder of last night. For the past couple of minutes I had completely forgotten about it, telling myself it was just a dream. I was so glad it wasn't. 

"I'm free whenever..." I say, trying to swallow some air so I don't run out of breath.

Why did I always feel so breathless around him? It was like I had to constantly remind myself to breath or I would pass out. 

"Do you want to go after the soundcheck today? Just us?" Luke asks, putting his chin in the palm of his hand with his elbow resting on the table.

He starts to play with the lip ring, waiting for me to say something, and I find it really hard to get back to talking. My mind just went completely blank. 

"Um, yeah. That'd be fun." I finally force the words out of my mouth. 

He flashes me a grin and grabs my plate for me. Before I could protest, he is already in the kitchen, cleaning both of our plates. How could he be such a gentlemen all the time? 

I shook my head with a smile as I got out of my chair and started heading towards my bunk. I still can't believe that Luke asked me out. It was almost impossible to think that my favorite band member actually liked me back. Well, at least I think so... When I was little, I used to always think that if you kissed someone, then you were automatically dating. As I grew older I realized that was not the case. I was hoping it was in this case, though. 

I still didn't know what to wear. I knew there would probably be tons of paparazzi and fans. I also knew that if I didn't look good, I would probably get eaten alive by tabloids about it. If I was going to date Luke, there was an if in there, I needed to have a great first impression. I pull open my bunk curtain and I jump three feet in the air with surprise when I see Ashton laying across my bed like a beach model. 

"God, Ashton, you scared the crap out of me!" I giggled, grasping my chest. 

I have a hard time calming my heart down from it's frantic beating. 

"Oh relax." He grins. "I have a present for you from the 1D boys, from last night? It's for today, I guess."

He hands me a small present box and gets out of my bunk. I pull my curtain shut and open the cardboard box. The clothes are wrapped in a green tissue paper, so I first look at the card on the very top.

Dear Emma,

I hope that the boys have given this to you! This is for today, your very first soundcheck! I hope you like the outfit. If you check in the boot closet at the front of the bus you will find the perfect pair of shoes that match!




Wow. How thoughtful of them! I open the cardboard box and pull out a pair of jeans, a blue sweater with long sleeves, and a grey beanie. I quickly change and walk up to the front of the bus, grabbing a pair of new.. galaxy vans? Cool!

I run into the bathroom and try to fix my hair and makeup. I put on some pink eyeshadow, mascara, and concealer. I brush out my hair and part it the way I like and throw the beanie back on. I'm pretty happy with my appearance so I exit the bathroom and grab my phone from my bunk. 

"Emma, you ready?" Luke asks as I sit on the top bunk, which is his.

He stands below me and puts his hands on my knees. 

"I'm ready." I put my hands on his shoulders and he helps me down gently.

"Thanks." I look up into his eyes with interest.

I wonder what's hidden from the world. I wonder who he really is. I hope I get to find out.






My feet were propped up on the seat in front of me, as I chewed on my sour patch kids. The boys were almost halfway done with soundcheck, but it was taking a bit longer due to their usual antics. I really wanted to watch the 1D boys preform, but we didn't have time for that, sadly. I was a bit anxious for soundcheck to be over. That was when Luke and I would go out to dinner. 

"Emma!" Ashton yelled in a low voice,"Emma are you watching?" 

I just giggled at him and gave him a thumbs up sign. I could tell that everyone just wanted them to quit being silly and get serious for a moment, but I liked it. If the boys were serious then they weren't 5SOS. 

"We are.." Ashton started, pausing for dramatic effect. 

I decided to be a bit cheeky and answer for them. 

"500 YEARS OF WINTER!" I screamed at them. 

They all laughed as Calum scolded me,"Aw Emma, you just ruined the whole thing!" 

I just shrugged, not really caring. I guess soundcheck was more of them being stupid than singing. They started up a song and started changing the lyrics around. I wanted to listen to every single word they sang, but it was hard to concentrate with the date spinning around in my mind. 

What if I spilled something on myself? That sounds like me. What if fans ruin the whole thing? That is a slight possibility. What if we die on the way there? Okay, now I'm just being paranoid. 

I'm sure the date will go fine... if none of those things happen, I mean... 


Thirty minutes later, soundcheck is over and I have thought up about 1,000 ways this date could go wrong. My hands and knees were shaking as I got up from my chair to meet them onstage. I jogged up the stairs and tried to act as relaxed as possible. I'm sure nothing would go wrong... but with me, you never know. 

"So, what did you think?" Calum asked me, running a hand through his sweaty hair. 

"It was amazing. As always." I beamed at them, glad I could finally tell them how much I loved their music. 

Ashton and Luke collapsed on the floor stretching their stiff limbs. They looked beat. 

"I am so tired!" Ashton groaned, confirming my thoughts. 

I sat down beside them, trying to lighten up the mood,"Aw c'mon Ash. Take a shower and suck it up." 

"Easy for you to say! All you have to do is sit down at eat little children!" Ashton exclaimed, sticking his tongue out at me. 

My eyes widened as I laughed uncomfortably,"Am I supposed to know what that means?" 

"He means you eating sour patch kids. You might want to re-word your sentences Ash." Michael ruffed Ashton's hair, before he disappeared backstage. 

I laughed, getting up from my spot on the stage. I really hoped Luke wasn't too tired to go on our date. I mean, I wouldn't protest if he was, but it was defiantly suck, big time. 

"I really hope you aren't too tired for dinner, Luke." I said carefully. 

Luke's face instantly brightened as he opened his mouth to say something. Calum beat him to it. 

"Oh he is going. He wouldn't shut up about it all this morning." Calum said with a cheeky grin. 

Luke glared at him as I blushed, turning away from them. Had he really talked about it all morning? I was glad I wasn't the only one who was excited. 

"Yeah, we're still going. Just let me take a shower and stuff before we leave." Luke said, "You can hang out with the boys until I'm done. If thats okay?" 

I nodded with a smile,"Yeah that's perfectly fine." 

"Okay, I'll see you later then." Luke gave me a small smile before he disappeared backstage. 

I gave him a little wave before I turned back to Calum and Ashton. 

"So what do you guys want to do?" I asked them, rocking back and forth on my heels. 

Calum and Ashton looked at each other with grins on their faces. 

"Oh. I think we can think of something." Ashton wiggled his eyebrows at me in a playful manner. 

Oh god...

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