Emma Tramway entered a contest to tour with 5 Seconds of Summer for a two blissful months. She never thought she'd win. Now, she's a seventeen year old girl, alone with four boys and the management. Unexpected romance starts to bud, and Emma finds herself torn between two very different guys. With all the odds stacked against her, what will happen when the contest is over and she has to choose who steals her heart? Winner of the 2014 BMA 5SOS Fanfiction award! :)


5. Chapter Five

We got back at about 1:00 am. I really didn't think we would have stayed out that long since we both weren't big on dancing. Anyways, all the boys were asleep when we came back. I was honestly surprised, I thought they were going to grill Luke for information as soon as we stepped into the bus. 

Luke had fallen asleep on the couch and I was sitting on my bunk, listening to music. I can't sleep. My head is spinning and I'm so happy thinking that I am actually Luke Hemmings girlfriend. I check my twitter quickly and there is some pictures of me and Luke at Nightlock dancing, and one picture of us kissing. I sigh at the hate below, but the good thing is that most of his fans aren't hating on us, they are congratulating Luke and I, which was really sweet and kind. They were happy for us.

I can feel inspiration for a song running through my veins, which sounds really cheesy and cliché but it's true. I grab a pen and my notebook and wrote down the song. I decide that I will sing this for his birthday. I've already written an album but I haven't shown anyone. I stay up all night writing, until four in the morning when I finally drift off to sleep on the couch. 



I wake up in a bed that's not mine. I'm snuggled into Luke. Aww, I guess he moved me from the couch to bed. What a sweetheart. I got up slowly, trying to not wake him up. I head to the kitchen and start to make some bacon pancakes. I feel some hands on my hips and I lean my head onto Luke's chest. 

"What are you making?"

"Bacon pancakes." I say tiredly.

He snickers and reaches for one. 

"Tired are we?" He asks, chomping down on one of the twelve pancakes I've made.

I groan quietly. My tired state is not something I wanted to be reminded of. I turn around and tuck my face into his chest. He suddenly freezes and lightly pushes me off of him. I give him a confused look as he sighs and walks over to the couch. Luke pats the space next to him, welcoming me to join him. 

"We need to talk." 

"Um....Okay, I guess." I sit down next to him and smile, hoping nothing is wrong. 

"I have to ask you something." He says the words carefully and quickly, like they had been practiced. 

I shift uncomfortably in my chair before answering,"Of course. Anything." 

"Are you just dating me for the fame?" 

Ouch. I'm too shocked to even speak. How could he even think that? Does he think that low of me? 

"Luke, no. I-I wouldn't do that. Are you insane?"

That's a complete insult, asking me if I'm doing this for fame. No. I am slowly falling in love with him and I guess I was wrong. My eyes start to water. My shoulders are shaking from nerves and my hands are clenched in fists. 

"I swear that I wouldn't do that. I know you don't really know me very well, but I swear I wouldn't. If you think that then I don't want to be with someone who believes something that stupid." I get up and stomp back into the kitchen, barely holding myself together.

I tend to bake when I'm angry. I grab an apron, put it on and pull out the ingredients for cupcakes. I pull out my phone and put some music on. This is going to be a long day. 








I sit there, stunned, as Emma jumps up from the couch and angrily marches to the kitchen. I put my face in my hands, immediately knowing that I screwed up. Why the hell did I ask her that? I knew she wasn't, but management put the idea in my head and I found it nearly impossible to get out. They did seem to entertain the idea, making up a bunch of ways that it could be possible. 

I really like Emma and I feel so bad for making her out to be some kind of attention whore. I have no idea what to do, but I can't start fixing things by beating myself up. I get up and walk into the kitchen. It smells so good, and I can't help but notice how beautiful Emma looks. Her apron is covered with flour, her hair up in a messy bun and one cheek is slashed with flour as if she had an itch.

There are cupcakes everywhere. There's got to be at least four dozen. I go over to her and wait for her to look at me. She glances at me, wipes her hands on her apron and leans her back on the counter.

"I'm sorry. I knew you wouldn't do that. I'm so sorry. Management got into my head and -"

"Oh so management thinks I'm some attention whore, gold digger?" She interrupts me.

I shake my head in embarrassment. When she said it like that, it made the whole thing seem so stupid. How did I really believe any of that bullshit? 

"No, they just wanted me to be careful." I say gently.

I look at her, she looks at me. 

"I'm really sorry. I really am." I walk over to her and wrap my arms around her waist.

She doesn't hug me back, and when I pull away, she still has a frown on her face. I really didn't know how to make it up to her. Wasn't it enough that I felt like a total idiot? 

"C'mon Emma. Don't make me tickle you." I tease her in a whisper. 

Her eyes grow wide as she wraps her arms around her stomach. 

"Don't." She warned me. 

I lunged for her and started tickling her stomach. She fell back into me, flailing her arms around wildly, laughing in the process. 

"Stop! Please!" Emma yells through the laughter. 

But, I keep on going at it, yelling,"Not until you forgive me for being an ass!" 


I stop suddenly, leaving her with tears rolling down her cheeks. Had I really made her laugh that hard? She giggles a few times, while glaring at me. 

"I forgive you, you jerk." She hits me on the arm, with a small smile on her face. 

I wrap my arms around her waist and start to lean in,"Oh you love it." 

My lips gently touch hers and it's like the whole world is gone. I would have to make a mental note to tickle her when she gets angry with me. I would also have to make a note to not be a stupid ass. 

When we lean back, she looks around the kitchen with a small smile. "Can I offer you a cupcake?"








Luke has eaten four iced red velvet cupcakes so far. 

"Who wants cupcakes?" I ask, as Michael runs into the kitchen, with Niall on speaker. 

"Niall, you want to come over and have some cupcakes?" I wave at him through the FaceTime. 

"Whoooo! Yeah, be there in a second!" Niall shouts.

Michael holds his hand out for a cupcake and I pick one up and drop it in his hand. He stuffs it in his face, grinning. I shake my head with a small smile.

They are part bear, I'm telling you. 

The bus pulls over to the side of the road and the doors open, letting One Direction in.

Niall runs in and kisses me on the cheek and with his adorable irish accent says "You're a saint, and I want you to live in the 1D bus and just bake when I'm sad."

I start to laugh at him as he runs towards the cupcakes. I was happy that all my pissed off I-hate-you cupcakes, were actually going to be enjoyed. I turn around to see Harry and Zayn approaching me. Harry gives me a huge hug and grins, Zayn gives me a light kiss on the cheek. Aw, these boys know how to say hello to a girl! Liam hugs me like a normal person and Louis comes up behind me and hugs me from behind. What a sweetheart. Everyone starts to eat my cupcakes and I take off the apron and quickly hang it up. 

"What do you guys think?"

"They're amazing!!" Niall says with his mouth full. I grin.

I walk over to Ashton, not wanting the other boys to hear.

"Hey, would it be okay to go record in the back room?" I ask quickly.

"Sure, if I can come...?" He grins. I roll my eyes.

"Sure." I hope he likes my voice and my songs. 



"So, I wrote a song for his birthday." I tell Ashton as I sit down at the piano.

"Okay, let's hear it."

I sung for him, and he listened through all two minutes of it, not saying a word. I think that would have been the longest he has ever gone without talking. Kidding. 

"Can I see the lyrics?" I gave the lyrics over to him and he grinned.

"I'll edit and give it back to you."

"Perfect, thank you." I go back into the kitchen and I quickly get approached by Harry.

"Hey, um..Emma....Do you want to hang out sometime? I mean just as friends, I just think you're cool and I want to spend more time with you." 

I try not to seem taken aback by his request. When had Harry ever thought that I was cool? Was I like a new famous people magnet now, or what? 

"Yeah. Yeah." I say, trying to smile and be less awkward than I feel.

"Cool. I'll see you around Emma." He shoots me a flirty wink before waving goodbye. 

I bit my lip as a slight crimson spread over my cheeks. Luke isn't going to be very happy with this. 


Chapter Six

Breaking the 6's



"Hey, um..Emma....Do you want to hang out sometime? I mean just as friends, I just think you're cool and I want to spend more time with you." 

I try not to seem taken aback by his request. When had Harry ever thought that I was cool? Was I like a new famous people magnet now, or what? 

"Yeah. Yeah." I say, trying to smile and be less awkward than I feel.

"Cool. I'll see you around Emma." He shoots me a flirty wink before waving goodbye. 

I bit my lip as a slight crimson spread over my cheeks. Luke isn't going to be very happy with this. 




How the hell am I supposed to tell Luke? Harry has my number and has been texting me nonstop, asking when I'm free. I should just tell him before he hears it from someone else or Harry opens his big mouth. I know it's not that big of a deal, but I'm really worried about Luke's reaction. I mean, hanging out with a friend is harmless right? 

Luke is sitting on the couch in the spot next to me and is playing a game on his phone. He lets out a little yelp of protest when he dies, yet again. He has been so immersed in the game, he hasn't even noticed my silence. Boys. 

"Luke...We need to talk." I say nervously.

His head snaps away from the screen as he looks suspiciously over at me. I really hope this goes better than the thousands of scenarios I came up with in my head. 

"You're not breaking up with me, right?" He blinks, like he doesn't understand. Aww.

"No, I'm not." I laugh at the ridiculous thought. 

I would never even think about it. He's the best thing that's ever happened to me. Well, and the worst if he ends up breaking my heart. 

"Okay, then what is it?"
Oh shit, what do I say? How do I phrase it like "I need a friend", not like "I hate you, I like Harry"

I look at the ground and nervously wring my fingers together,"Um..Harry asked me the other day if maybe we could hang out as friends....Would that be okay with you?"

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