First & Last Kiss -A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction-

Miranda Edwards, a typical regular girl. Until one day she goes to a One Direction concert. She doesn't have a favorite boy from the band, she likes them all. Miranda has never been obsessed over them, just a fan. Louis seems to really like her over time and something tragic happens. Will Louis and Miranda have their first and last kiss before----.


1. Dear Diary

 Dear Diary, 

      I am sitting in my seat and waiting for a One Direction concert. I have always been a fan but never obsessed with them. Girls brought all of their posters that say things like, "Harry, will you marry me?" and other crazy stuff. All I have is a shirt that says One Direction, and that's it. Oh, your probably wondering who the boys of the band are. The oldest one is Louis Tomlinson, the second oldest is Liam Payne, next is Zayn Malik, next to last is Niall Horan, and the youngest one is Harry Styles.


That's One Direction: Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Harry; 5 boys. I have to go and I will write later because the concert is about to start right now! Its also hard to concentrate on writing when girls are screaming in your ears. Bye!



I don't have a favorite boy, I like them all.

I closed my diary and stood up. All of the members came out, except Louis. Finally, he walked on with a buttoned up t-shirt, some pants, and nerdy glasses. The arena was so quiet and not a peep was let out. He looked at the boys and he ripped off his shirt, pants, and glasses. "Supermannnn!!!!!!!!!" He yelled and he was actually wearing a Superman outfit. "Look at Super Louis!" A girl near me shouted.


Louis Tomlinson is like a little kid at heart even though he is the oldest of the group. I started laughing because he was just naturally funny. He took a glance my way and saw me before he smiled. "Did Louis just glance at you and smile?!" A tall blonde girl asked me. "I guess so!" I said and smiled to myself. Okay, so maybe I do have a favorite boy who is Louis William Tomlinson.


I had enjoyed the concert throughout the night, especially when Louis would glance and smile at me. Fans had thrown their clothes and stuff onstage. A bra had flown up and Niall played around with it. Liam was laughing with Zayn a lot. But after a long time, the concert came to a end and I grabbed my stuff. It took forever to get out of my seat and go to my car. "Miss, I'm afraid you are going to have to come with me." A bodyguard said to me. "Where are we going? What did I do?" I asked as I started to get worried.


The man would not answer me. "Please, I didn't do anything wrong!" I started to panic until a nice lady stood in front of me. "Are you Miranda Edwards?" She asked. "Yes I am but-" She just ignored me and threw a backstage pass around my neck that had my name on it. "Follow me." I followed the lady and the bodyguard kept following us.


We reached a hallway, so I finally asked, "Where am I?" Since no one's giving me answers, I should just stop asking questions and wasting my breath. I gave up on guessing, too. I looked at my phone for a minute and then threw it back into my bag. Finally we got to the end of the hallway where two bodyguards were standing. I looked at the door. "One Direction's Dressing Room." it read.


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