Steph Jewles was a normal 19 year old collage student. Her life was perfect! Suddenly, her life begins to shatter, and fall to her feet. Can she put together the pieces? Or will her life be changed forever? Only fate can decide.


2. Starbucks Drama

It was one year, today, that we have been together. Liam had already left for work but I'm driving to surprise him now. The closer I get the more nervous I grow. I've never seen him at work before. I'm so proud that we have been together this long. Liam was never in an actual relationship before me. He jumped from girl to girl until me. He changed because he loved me; that meant a lot to me. I pull up in the Starbucks parking lot and the butterflies return in my stomach. I check my makeup one last time before climbing out of my small car. The moment I open the door my jaw drops, along with my heart. Liam is sitting at a table with his fingers intertwined with some cashier.


His eyes look away from her face and his smile is wiped from his face, along with all the color. Liam awkwardly jerks his hand away and stands from his seat. The cashier looks at me with a devilish smile. She knew exactly what she was doing. I turn on my heals and run out the door. I hear Liam's heavy footsteps following behind me. I can't find me keys and I don't want Liam to catch me. So, I take off running. I run until my legs refuse to go any further and buckle under me.


I lean against a brick wall and look around at my surroundings. I have no idea where I am. I couldn't have gone that far, right? I call the first person I can think of, Harry. My knees are tucked to my chest when Harry arrives. I am literally tucked in a ball crying. I look up just to double check it's him. His slender legs confirm my thoughts. He doesn't speak. He just gives me a weak, apologetic, smile before he joins me on the ground. We sit there for a few minutes, in silence. Harry allows me just to cry. He doesn't try to comfort me. He doesn't try to make things any better. Just remains silent.


A shadow is cast over me and Harry stands. Liam's here. I stand, using Harry as a human-shield. I don't move me gaze from the ground and avoid eye contact with Liam. Liam and Harry exchange glares and a few harsh words. I can feel them both staring at me but I'm too busy staring at a beetle to look up. More awkward glances are shared before I decide that the silence I worse than anything.

"You should go" I say glancing up

"Yeah, you heard her, leave" Liam says, gesturing to Harry

"Liam" I sigh "You know I was talking to you. If you won't go then I will" and with that I left the two men standing there. Both of them with shocked expressions on their face. I began to walk, trying to remember the way to my car. I see the sign and relief floods over me. I walk in sign and the cashier sees me. Her evil smirk covers her face again.


I say nothing. I wait my turn to get up to the counter. Once I reach her, the smirk has grown to a full on smile. I still remain silent. I pull my hand from my pocket; the one with rings on it. I ball my fist and pull my arm back. My fist connects with her nose and her nose begins to bleed. I put a quarter in the tip jar and turn on my heals. I grab my keys and pull out of the parking lot. I really hate Starbucks.  

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