Steph Jewles was a normal 19 year old collage student. Her life was perfect! Suddenly, her life begins to shatter, and fall to her feet. Can she put together the pieces? Or will her life be changed forever? Only fate can decide.


1. Love

Love. It's a peculiar thing, love. It keeps you up at night. It drives you crazy; eating your soul away, slowly. It can be the most evil thing in the world. But, it can be the purest thing in the world, as well. It all depends on how you view it. If you've suffered heart break, or love struck at the moment. It can lead you through the dark and keep you on the right path. I thought I found that. I hoped, prayed, and begged, I found the one.


He was my everything. He saw the light no one saw, including myself. I was a lost soul; looking, wandering through the black fog. He was my light at the end of the metaphorical tunnel. The only one who believed I was more than just a dumb twenty year old. I had everything I needed in my life because, all I needed was him. Until he left, and never cared to look back. He seamlessly continued his life, while mine became to a screeching stop. He left me in that apartment, with all the memories of us.


I couldn't stay in that apartment, with everything that happened in it. The memories driving me crazier than love would ever do. So, I began to walk around London. Walking dawn until... well until I don't even know when. I would walk every day. When my feet began to ache and blisters began to form, I would continue to walk. That apartment was haunting me, and I couldn't go back there. Everyday, the same familiar faces blended with a few tourist and new faces.  


One day I was walking, not really paying attention, just trying to drown out the memories and the pain. That's when I met him; the stranger with diamond eyes. His laugh was like nothing you've ever heard. He had an amazing smile who's light pierced through the veil of darkness. Sparking something inside of my. Making the memories fade and the pain feel less intense. But, he walked away without noticing my existence. I was too dumbfounded to speak to the perfect stranger.


So now, I still wander the streets. In search of that perfect stranger. The stranger with the diamond eyes, angelic laugh, and smile that can shine through any darkness.    







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