Fuck You~ A H.S Fanfic

I had a gun in my hand. Putting it up to a girls head. I pulled the trigger and heard a shot. I looked down and found her on the ground. I laughed and walked to the house, my gun in my hand. I knocked on the door and my lad Niall let me in.

Please do not copy. I worked very hard on this and I don't want to find another person copying me. All of this story belongs to me.




I had on a long flowly pink dress that has jewels on top and long on the bottom. I put on some pink heels and grabbed my curling iron, curling my hair. Tonight Luke was taking me out to a very fancy dinner to celebrate our 1 year anniversary of being together. I soon got done with my hair and my outfit, heading downstairs, grabbing my white clutch and I put my phone in there, seeing Luke waiting for me. He had his hair quiffed and a very sexy silk tux on, a little white rose in the pocket.

4 hours later•

"Luke, just leave!! I'm already done and my heart is all shattered from you!"

"It was a mistake. Please." He had hope and forgiveness in his eyes, making me sit on the couch and listen to him explain it all. I soon got up and smiled, kissing his lips, straddling him. He soon grabbed my ass and picked me up, carrying us upstairs to the bedroom. He soon laid me down on the bed and took my dress off, throwing it across the room. I soon took his silk tux off and left him in Calvin Klein boxers, him leaving me in matching black lingerie. He soon got up and grabbed a pair of sweatpants, heading to the bathroom to get in a shower. I heard his phone vibrate and I picked it up, reading the text message from a girl named 'Gabby'. I started getting teary eyes so I put it down, grabbing my suitcase and putting all of my things in there. I quickly changed into a hoodie and sweatpants, some slides and headed downstairs, pulling my hoodie up. I grabbed my clutch and put it inside of my luggage, heading outside. I started walking to Harry's house. He lived 3 houses down and I'm gonna live with him. I soon knocked on his door and heard shuffling, seeing him open the door.

"Harry, can I live with you? Luke is cheating on me and I need a place to live."

"Sure. Come in." I sighed and walked inside the nice comfy home.

Sorry for not updating everyday. It's just that school is hectic and I have to deal with all of the homework. I promise I will update. Keep reading and comment. Since there's new people coming what should there names be? There's gonna be 5 more new girls, and 5 new boys.

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