Fuck You~ A H.S Fanfic

I had a gun in my hand. Putting it up to a girls head. I pulled the trigger and heard a shot. I looked down and found her on the ground. I laughed and walked to the house, my gun in my hand. I knocked on the door and my lad Niall let me in.

Please do not copy. I worked very hard on this and I don't want to find another person copying me. All of this story belongs to me.




Camille hasn't spoken to me in months. We got into a huge fight and she won't forgive me anymore. I had on some sweatpants, a tank top, my hair messy from not brushing it. I was to depressed to do anything. I threw on some slides and headed downstairs, seeing the lads look at me hopelessly.

"Come on, get over it. You will find another girl."

"No I won't. I loved her with all my heart and now I don't have her." Liam looked at me with sadness in his face, heading to the kitchen. I headed to the front doors and opened it, paparazzi everywhere. We became famous after I left her. I heard them all yelling and trying to get my attention.

"Shut the fuck up!! I'm not in the mood!!!" I soon got in my car and drove off to her house, hoping she will let me stay for a few hours to make it up.

30 minutes later•

I was at her front door, knocking to come in. I soon saw her come down with a boy behind her, looking at me.

"Can I come in??"

"Sure Harry." She opened the door and I came in, looking around. She took down our pictures and hung different ones up with him in it. I got even sadder on the inside but I didn't want to show her it.

"Camille, can we be friends?? I'm to depressed to do anything but when I'm with you I'm happy and nothing bothers me."

"Harry, you hurt me enough. I don't know if I trust you as a friend either. I only trust my boyfriend Luke. He doesn't hurt me like you did." I sighed and sat down, tears starting to come up in my eyes. She sat next to me and watched me, debating what she should do.

"Harry, you can be my friend. If you hurt me anymore then were done. Your lucky I'm giving you a chance." I smiled and hugged her, getting up and running to my car.


I went upstairs and changed into a dark red skirt, a cat shirt, and some black VANS. I soon came back down and saw Luke watching some tv show he's obsessed with. I grabbed my car keys and went to my car, hoping in. I turned it on and pulled out, heading to the pet adoption center.

10 minutes later•

I had a little Husky puppy in the car with me in the front, sniffing around and looking out the window. It had bright blue eyes and it's white, making it cuter. I bought the cage and food for it so it had a bed. I pulled up into the driveway of our mansion and got out, grabbing the puppy. I also grabbed the other stuff.

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