Fuck You~ A H.S Fanfic

I had a gun in my hand. Putting it up to a girls head. I pulled the trigger and heard a shot. I looked down and found her on the ground. I laughed and walked to the house, my gun in my hand. I knocked on the door and my lad Niall let me in.

Please do not copy. I worked very hard on this and I don't want to find another person copying me. All of this story belongs to me.




I was on the train sitting down with my luggage next to me. I looked out the window and enjoyed the landscape. I looked down and pulled out my phone, seeing my lock screen of me and Camille kissing on Christmas. I had tears in my eyes and I wiped them, trying not to cry. I unlocked my phone and opened it to look at the pictures. I soon got a call from the hospital and got nervous, answering it. Camille has cut her self too deep and lost a big amount of blood. I started crying and grabbed my luggage, getting off the next stop. When the train stopped I ran off and went to the hospital. I went to her room and put my luggage in there, running to her. She had a bandage on her wrist and tears in her eyes. I grabbed her hand and squeezed it, feeling her squeeze back. I opened my eyes and kissed her cheek, sitting down on the brown chair. I saw her fall asleep so I held her hand more. I soon fell asleep to.

Next Morning•

I felt someone shake me not to hard and someone whispering. I woke up and saw the lads here.

"Why you guys here??"

"We got the news. Plus we wanted to support you."

"Thank you. I don't know what to do." The doctor came in and said that she was free to go home. I smiled and hugged her, kissing her cheek. I helped her out of the taxi and into the house, seeing her go straight to her bed. I sighed and sat on the couch, taking off my jacket and my boots. I laid down and grabbed her hand-made quilt, covering myself up with it. I soon fell asleep to the smell of her perfume on the quilt.

Next Morning•


I went downstairs and saw Harry sleeping still, looking like he wanted me back. I felt bad for him but I just don't like when he kills people. I went to the kitchen and grabbed eggs, bread, and sausage. I soon started making us breakfast. I turned on my little radio I had in the kitchen on a little shelf. The song 'Amnesia' by 5SOS came on, making me cry. I heard someone sing along to the song, turning around and Harry singing with tears in his eyes. I soon ran to him and hoped in his arms, sobbing. I heard him trying to shush me so I would stop crying. I soon got down and finished making breakfast.

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