Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez both live in St.Stevens Orphanage and, had never been fond of each other. They were both completely different, she was a quiet shy girl and he was a loud big headed jerk. Until something changes. When school pressure kicks in Justin goes to Selena for some help and nothing is the same again.


10. The Kiss.

 Selena's POV:

 I sat in my room waiting patiently for Justin's arrival. He said he would come in for the 'homework sesh' at 7:20pm. It was 7:20pm and he wasn't here. Why did I care? He needs me, I don't need him...right? A knock broke the delusion in my mind.

"Yes?" I glanced at the mirror, I looked...okayish I guess?

"It's me." He opened the door with a text book in his hand. "History today." He rolled his eyes.

"Same." I looked down at my open text book, I had literally just started my History piece. "Page 48? Questions 1 to 5?" He nodded in return with less enthusiasm then I had expected. He stood awkwardly as he stared at my room "Sit down." I laughed, he walked over as his cologne hit my scent. Mmm, he always smelt so good. He opened his page slowly, still observing the atmosphere. "Are you okay?" He stood up suddenly and walked over to a picture frame.

"You two are almost identical to your Mum." He looked back at me. "This is your Mum right?" I nodded as the memories started to return to the service. "She's pretty." My heart started to pound, I couldn't deal with this. "You and Jodie look much more like your Mum, I'm guessing?" Stay calm. I was breathing so heavily that I knew he could hear me. He turned slowly with picture in his hand. "Are you okay?" I knew this would happen, questions. That's why I didn't want to do this, that's why I didn't want to live. "Selena?"

"What?" I broke out suddenly, he jumped a little at my sharp reaction. "I thought you were here to learn, not ask questions?" I replied regretting it more and more as I said it. He looked at me strangely before putting down the photo frame.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know you were so 'touchy'." He mimicked sarcastically. I scowled almost instantly in return.

"You are like the others." I said bitterly, as I buried my head back into my History text book to avoid eye contact.

"Ha." He frowned. He snatched the book from underneath me and held it in his hand with a cheeky smirk on his face, which was so attractive I could of ripped his clothes off and kissed him all over. But I didn't. Obviously.

"Give it back." I said sternly, there was no way he was treating this, me, as a joke. "It isn't funny Justin."

"Hmm, it kinda is."  He smiled cheekily, and then threw onto my bed. I sat stone still watching his every move. He kept staring and smiling.

"This is a mistake." I cracked up a little, but he didn't. I looked up again, this time he was closer. "I don't think I can do this if you're going to act like a child."

"You were being so moody, so I lightened the mood."

"You don't know anything about me to say whether I was 'moody' or not."

"I've been with enough girls, I know when a girl is moody, and you sooooo are." He laughed, I didn't.

"It's more than you think you know." I stood up slowly, I headed towards the door as he grabbed my wrist and pulled me so in so we were almost touching.

"You promised." He whispered.

"So did you."

"I'm here aren't I?" He still had a firm grip around my wrist. "I was trying to get to know you, like you wanted." I stared into his dark caramel eyes as he stared back into mine. "This isn't going to work if we don't try." I looked down, this was so cringy. It was like we were on a soap opera and we wanted to have baby or something. His hand lifted my head up so I was looking at him.

 As we stood there his face got closer and closer to mine, I didn't know to do. He was going to kiss me. I stared at every part of his perfect face as he was seconds away from kissing me. I shut my eyes and hoped for the best, as if it was going to be the last kiss I ever had. He pecked my lips slowly whilst grabbing me waist, heaving me into his muscular body. His hand moved down and up my thigh, making me tingle. Before it could go further someone knocked on the door. I shoved him off and ran to the door as smoothly and calmly as possible.

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