Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez both live in St.Stevens Orphanage and, had never been fond of each other. They were both completely different, she was a quiet shy girl and he was a loud big headed jerk. Until something changes. When school pressure kicks in Justin goes to Selena for some help and nothing is the same again.


7. More And More Problems.

"Jay." Clara's voice called, as she ran after us. I rolled my eyes. "Hi. I've got a question; how can you and Seli-" "Selena." He slurred, my head jerked up to look at him, he was taking the whole 'fake relationship' rather seriously. "Yeah, that's what I said." She mumbled. "Anyway, I didn't know you were a item." She twiddled her straw like ginger hair. Her hair was in such bad condition, all the time.

"Yeah three months." What? Three months? Had he made a pretend background story as well?

"But that doesn't make sense." She smiled deviously, she knew exactly what she was doing, catching us out. "You and Melissa, were sexting (having sex and texting) last month." She raised an eyebrow, we, well he had been caught out. He stuttered for a return as he glanced at me.

"Don't worry baby, I'll say." I put my hand on his cheek and smiled, he smiled back in relief. "Well, for the last two months Justin and I, have been on the down low and, have been like, on and off." I saw my sister and Jazymn walk ahead, they were officially the new witnesses seeing as Clara would make up a whole fake story. "Well, last month we had a massive argument because, he wanted to tell people but, I wasn't ready and stuff, and so it ended up we actually broke up..." I turned away to try and act 'emotional'. "Yeah, so we didn't speak or anything so he ran off with Melissa."

"I felt bad, and I missed Selly so I stopped." Justin interrupted.

"Yeah, anyway, we sorted it out and we have decided to tell people." I smiled, her face dropped in disappointment. "Oh." She looked at her nails. "Cute." She stormed off ahead, as Justin and I high-fived.


"So you and the best looking boy in our year, are in a fake relationship?" Ariana gleamed, I nodded. Taylor and Ariana smiled with delight. "Omg, you are going to have sex with Justin Bieber?!" She squealed.

"Shh!" I demanded. "No, no, no, Ari it's a fake relationship, yeah we might kiss but, nothing more."

"Aah!" She jumped in excitement. "I'll get to sit with Justin and his hot friends!" She danced around. Taylor smiled occasionally.

"What's up?" I asked in general curiosity, normally I ask because they expected me to.

"Kyle." I could of guessed so. She looked around, as tears filled her eyes. "He's been talking to Melissa." My eyes grew.

"Justin had a thing with her!"

"I know." She broke into tears. "He kissed her and Justin pushed him off."


"Yesterday at lunch." She sat down on the wooden bench behind her. I placed myself next to her and wrapped my arm around her. "I give up." Ariana pulled her up and stood strong in front of her.

"Listen." She growled. "Be strong, your showing him your weak. Your going to march up to him and break up with him."

"Nooo!" She over exaggerated the 'o's. "I love him."

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