Annick Crestdair - The Victory Tour

- Sequel -
A few months have passed since the 70th hunger games. Annie's behaviour was accepted by the Capitol when she was crowned Victor, but how will she react to the Victory tour. This story follows Finnick doing everything he can to protect Annie and help her get through each day. Although there is one thing that is constantly playing on his mind. Is she getting BETTER or WORSE?


3. The Capitol Comes To Us

Last night was horrible but, I know today will be worse. Part of me thinks Annie will be ok in some districts but, district 7, 1 and 2, will be too hard for her. Nora was from seven and Annie watched her die. Then there was Greggor and Tacita from 1 and 2, they taunted her throughout training and tried to hunt her and Nora down in the games. It's like a part of her is still afraid of them, even though they are dead. Then there's the small speech she will have to give to our district, giving a eulogy of Raff. I still haven't figured out what to do. I can't talk for her, I wish I could, but then I also wish she just didn't have to do the whole tour. There is one advantage for Annie, president Snow hasn't forced her into prostitution like most others including me, which is thankfully over. The people in the Capitol loved Annie when she won, they thought she was beautiful and smart which she is, but the president doesn't want to ruin her image by letting everyone find out that she is, as he puts it crazy and unstable. After this tour, she will never have to go there ever again as far as I know. That's if she can get through this tour, which is today.

The door knocks early in the day. Annie is still in the shower. She hasn't spoken at all today. When I've asked her questions she just mumbles or says 'mm-hmm'. On the way to the door I look in the mirror at the end of the stairs. I look at my reflection. I look different like I'm tired and stressed but, I don't feel that way. Maybe this whole situation is effecting me physically, but if that's the case it doesn't make sense, everything that's happened keeps me permanently sad. I suddenly look back in front of me remembering the door knocked. I pull it open and recognise Capitol citizens immediately. Somehow that's a good thing as it's Tweena our representative along with Urina and the prep team, Annabeta and Virgil. I'm glad to see them as Annie did get on well with her prep team during the pretence of the games. I have an ongoing thought they may help her get better as she knows who they are. 'Finnick! Looking stunning as usual' says Virgil, the smile on his face confuses me slightly. 'The hero hair is at it's best' Annabeta says she too is smiling. I don't know why they say this I haven't made any effort in my appearance in ages. Each morning after I've showered I just let my hair dry and pull my fingers through the front. I look at their hair, Virgil's is still pink, but scraped to the middle. Annabeta has changed her hair to a dark green colour but the ends are black, I'm sure it looked better when it was purple. 'Morning, it's good to see you' I say trying to take my eyes away from there vibrant and strange clothes that I should be used to by now, given the amount of times I've been to the Capitol. 'Where is the star?' Tweena says her face gleaming. They know she's not perfect and they know how much the games have affected Annie. They just try to forget about it and pretend she's fine, I just don't know whether that's a good way to look at the situation. 'She's still in the shower but, come on in you can set up in there' I say pointing to the room on my right. Just like usual they're going to cover her in make up, do her hair and pick her an outfit for the speech in district four and her check in with the Capitol TV. 'Fabulous' says Virgil and Annabeta in unison. They all walk in and start to open cases full of different sized tubes and pots full of different coloured powders and liquids which I assume is make up, no one wears that stuff in four, it's not available for the general female residents and it is also inappropriate as it's so hot here. Things are different in the Capitol, there's not one man or woman that isn't wearing some sort of make up there. They busily start organising the equipment for a while. I hear a creak on the stairs and look up to see Annie wrapped in a large towel. 'Finnick' she says quietly. Nobody else hears her as they are are so busy and talking. I quietly walk to her so they don't see her just yet. I know as soon as they do they will overwhelm her. 'Annie are you ok?' I say, taking the last step to her so I am facing her. 'Mm... Could you... Could you... Help me' she says quietly and her voice is slightly shaky. I guess that she is afraid to see them all, like she's somehow afraid. 'Of course' I say taking her hand. I lead us back upstairs into the bathroom where she wanted us to go. She struggles to hold her towel so I find her a robe to put on. As she removes her towel I turn and glance in the mirror at her reflection. She has lost so much weight, she can't go on this way. I look at her struggling to tie the the band at her waist. Her shaking hands are what's stopping her. She may not actually be crying but I know there are tears prepared. 'I'll do it' I say and gently tie it into a bow. 'Theres... This too' she says putting out her hand and revealing her locket I gave her. 'What about it?' I say confused as she just holds her hand out. 'Would you?... I-I can't...' She says and I brush her hair to one side and fasten it around her neck. I wrap my arms around her. After about five seconds in hold her hand and take her downstairs to the team. As we walk into the room that has now transformed although they didn't seem to realise i had gone. Out the corner of my eye, I see Annie take a step back like she's hiding behind me, but she still holds my arm. 'Annie!' Tweena shouts, and I'm surprised she notched her so quickly. I pull Annie forward slightly so she will talk. 'How are you dear?' Virgil says noticing her. Annabeta runs and hugs Annie and so does Urina, It's a Capitol thing as when I think about it, they hardly know Annie. 'Erm... Mmmhmm... Ok... Thank-you' she says quietly. Urina looks at me as though to ask is she really alright. I know I should tell the truth and it's quite obvious she's not so I shake my head and he looks back at Annie as though he is evaluating her. 'Well let's get started shall we? We have about an hour and a half to get you ready' Annabeta says, breaking the silence. I turn to Annie. 'Do you want me to stay or–' I begin to say before she suddenly says 'stay...please'. I nod and sit on the sofa behind the chair and mirror they've put out.

I'm sat there for over an hour before they finally say they are done and it feels like I've been there all day. 'Lets just get you changed into your outfit Annie, were on air in five' Tweena says, getting stressed. After two minutes she comes out changed into a casual, blue dress and they have curled her hair so it looks natural. I look at her face her eyes now dark with make up and her skin isn't as pale as usual. She's shaking and her eyes are are full of tears that are ready to fall down her face. 'Ready' Urina asks. She doesn't answer. She stairs at the floor blankly, which isn't an unusual thing for her to do. 'One minute' Tweena says 'we should probably go to the door' hinting we need to go but Annie doesn't move. I walk up to her and hold her hand. She looks at me and I walk and she follows. 'Can I go out with her?' I ask. They consider the idea for a second. 'I don't know' Tweena says. 'Tweena he has to' Urina says 'she can't do this alone'. Tweena nods and I look at Annie who hasn't taken in anything we have said. '10 seconds' Tweena says. They open the front door and I see cameras everywhere. I see a tear fall down Annie's face and wipe it away. '3,2,1 were live' Tweena says. I have to give Annie a slight nudge before she takes a delayed step. 'You can do this' I say walking behind her. 'Here she is our victor, District four'a very own Annie Cresta. Followed by previous victor and mentor Finnick Odair' Caesar Flickerman says. We hear his voice from the screens that they are sending the live camera of us to. 'Doesn't she look beautiful folks' he says. There are microphones surrounding us also artificial lights and cameras everywhere. That's when it happens. The Capitol music plays. The same music they play in the games. She covers her ears and looks away, breathing heavily. I step forward and pull her right arm away from get head and clasp my hand to hers. She looks up her lip shaking and her eyes squinting in the light, tears are also caught in the corners of her eyes, but not that the camera would see. 'How are things in four?' Flickerman says. She doesn't say anything but has remained looking at the camera. 'Things are fine, Annie is great excited for the tour aren't you?' I say trying to help in some way. I squeeze her hand in an attempt of encouragement. She nods and says 'yes... a-absolutely'. I assume Caesar secretly understands she's not excited for the tour. It goes quiet again we hear people screaming and cheering in the crowd which is encouraging. 'Right well we look forward to seeing your visits to each district! And of course look forward to the final celebration at the presidential palace, everyone give it up for the victor of the 70th hunger games Annie!' He says and even more people shout and cheer. The cameras are off after about five seconds and she stands still until it hits her. She starts crying loudly and covering her face. Thankfully it's just her team and myself that are present. I look over at Tweena and Urina and see the sad looks on there faces, looks of pity. I put my arm around her back and lead her back inside trying to calm her down. We have about two hours before she has to give the speech to Raff and then after that we will get on the train. I just hope we make it that far. She sobs and I try everything I can to calm her down, but there's nothing I can do. I don't know what will happen when she has to stand on stage in front of our district and talk about Raff, how will she cope?

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