Annick Crestdair - The Victory Tour

- Sequel -
A few months have passed since the 70th hunger games. Annie's behaviour was accepted by the Capitol when she was crowned Victor, but how will she react to the Victory tour. This story follows Finnick doing everything he can to protect Annie and help her get through each day. Although there is one thing that is constantly playing on his mind. Is she getting BETTER or WORSE?


5. District 5

It's been a while since we left four. Annie eventually fully calmed down and went to sleep. It was getting late anyway, it's dark outside when I look out the window and I don't see any of the others anywhere, so I assume they're all asleep. I'm the only one awake. But I can't sleep, I can't stop thinking things over. I don't know what's going to happen on the rest of the tour. What will happen when we come to district 1 and 2? It was Tacita from 2 Annie hated the most. She also felt slightly guilty because she let him die, but he wasn't worth saving. I suppose the worst part of the tour is done but that doesn't stop Annie remembering Raff's death. When we returned from the Capitol when she won, it was terrible, the slightest thing would remind her of Raff. When we go to district 7 she will see Drew, he killed Raff, so I don't think she would want to talk about him in a nice way. I finally drift to sleep on the sofa in front of the window after over thinking everything.

I must have only been asleep an hour. I wake to see Tweena getting hyper, but in a bad way like she's stressed. 'Whats happening?' I ask. She stops what she was doing and turns to me. 'Ah Finnick, we are practically there you need to wake Annie up' she says. 'Yeah I will' I say, my voice quiet and light as I'm still waking up. I soon find myself crouched next to Annie asleep in her bed. I don't want to wake her she looks so peaceful. But I have to. It's still dark outside but, it's just early morning. 'Annie' I say softly, not to scare her. She doesn't move. 'Annie' I say again slightly louder. I touch her shoulder and she suddenly wakes up as though she's shocked. She sits up rapidly and breaths heavily. 'Annie it's me, it's Finnick' I say desperately trying to keep her calm. She thankfully calms and blinks a few times to wake herself up. 'Where are we?' She asks. 'District 5. Nearly, we need to get ready' I say. She nods and I leave her to get ready. Five minutes later we arrive and Annie walks out just as the train pulls to a stop. 'Ready?' I say. She stays still and doesn't nod, doesn't say anything, like she didn't hear me. She manages to follow me off the train. 'This way' Tweena says. We follow her and it takes about five minutes until we are in the centre of district five. I realise we are behind the sage where I assume they hold the reaping as it's just like hub In four. It's clear they are the district known for power. When we walked here there were electricity warehouses visible. Annie is taken to a room above where, I assume the prep team will re-apply her make up. I feel slightly worried as I see them escorted by two peacekeepers, dressed in white uniform from shoulders to feet and a large black war helmet closed over their faces. I would never voluntarily be a peacekeeper, firstly as I don't agree with them 'controlling the citizens' as the Capitol would say and also I would not like to be permanently carrying a gun and and having to wear one of those helmets all the time. People like us - victors - have to be escorted by peacekeepers when we go to other districts and to the Capitol, I've never figured out why, it's not like we need protection considering we managed to win the games by defending ourselves.

After what feels like hours Annie is escorted back to us after twenty minutes. As I look at her, she looks different, the way she looked at the welcome ceremony for the games. They have pulled her hair back into a high pony tail and left it curly, it reaches down to the middle of her back. They have covered her face in make up and her eyes are similar to how they were at the chariot ride, but they haven't exaggerated the eye shadow as much. She walks to me as though she is eager to get away from the peacekeepers, although I'm surrounded by them too. She clings to my hand as though she is scared. I drift my spare hand over her hair, and try to calm her. 'Its ok Annie, I'm here, everything will be fine' I say. We walk out into another room with large sliding doors at the front and I guess this is the entrance to the stage. As we approach the exit she leans close to me and says quietly 'I-I know... But... You-you're the only person... That I can trust'. She says it to me but she's looking at the doors, her eyes look terrified. Then a thought crosses over my mind, Annie didn't know the tributes from this district, there deaths don't upset her or scare her as much as the others, something's happened with the peacekeepers. What did they do to her? She was with Virgil and Annabeta but only Virgil walked back out with Annie. I look at him he looks slightly different as though he is afraid to do or say anything. I decide not to say anything, there's no use in upsetting the peacekeepers. But I won't let this go, something has happened.

We are soon on the stage and crowds of people look up at Annie in front of the mic. Two screens to the side of the crowd show the two victors. A young girl, I assume she was only just old enough to have her name entered. The boy seems to look slightly older, but still too young to die. I don't recognise them so I guess Annie doesn't either. She starts to read the speech she manages most of the cards but she still stutters and pauses. When it comes to the parts where she has to talk about her victory, that's when she struggles, she never wanted the glory, money or fame of a Victor, she wanted to survive, but she didn't want 23 others to die. I think she misses a card out when she gets to the end as it was quite short. Thankfully she did ok I suppose. People seem happy with her speech. She walks off the stage and she starts to walk faster and I struggle to catch her up. I finally reach her and by which time, we are walking down a corridor which is back in the building. 'Wait' I say. I hold her arm and she looks back at me. 'I want to go now' she says. 'We are, we will soon' I say, and she doesn't seem to accept what I'm saying. 'No now... Please Finnick' she says and I can see she is eager to leave. 'Ok' I say I take her back inside and I quickly talk to Tweena. 'We have to leave now, Annie wants to go, I'm worried she will get upset again if we don't' I say. 'Well, I guess we can go now, I'll say goodbye to the mayor' she says and walks off. I lead myself and Annie back to the train. The doors are open ready when we get there. We get on and find a seat through the first set of doors. 'Annie what is going on? What is the matter?' I say desperate to know what's happened. She doesn't say anything. 'Annie you can tell me' I say. She holds my hand and looks behind us to see if there are any guards anywhere. 'The...the peacekeepers, they were... They were' she says. 'What Annie what did they do to you?' I say, my voice getting louder. 'Nothing, nothing... I'm fine' she insists but I know she's lying. No matter how much I ask, I know she won't tell me, it's like she's afraid to. I look at her again and she looks tense and conscious like she is convinced something is about to happen like she's on edge. 'Its ok' I say and pull her close to me. She seems to feel better after a while but then she starts to shake slightly, she's panicking again like usual, I wish it would stop but, I don't know what I can do.

The others come back to the train soon, including Annabeta and they all seem to go off and do their own thing. The train leaves district five and heads for six. Tweena sits next to Annie and I go to find Annabeta or Virgil, someone who can tell me what's happened. I find myself in the last compartment before I find Virgil. He is sat on a chair in the corner, his head slouched and he is holding a glass full of some sort of liquor. 'Virgil' I say and he looks up. He suddenly changes his posture and his face lights up. 'Finnick hello' he says. It's as though he is two different people when he is on his own and when he is with others. 'Whats going on?' I say. He acts like he doesn't know what I'm talking about. 'What?' He says and I shake my head. 'Tell me what happened with the peacekeepers' I say, getting straight to the point. 'Nothing it's nothing Finnick, as soon as this tour is finished, everything will be fine' he says. He's changing the subject, he's acting like Annie, pretending nothing has happened when I know it has. 'I didn't ask you that. I said what happened with the peacekeepers? Please just tell me' I say. He looks around to double check there are no peacekeepers, just like Annie did. He looks back at me. I guess my face looks strange as I'm so confused with what's going on, like everyone knows something I don't. He stands up 'the peacekeepers have changed Finnick, they're more violent, they are to be more feared' he says and I realise he still hasn't answered my question. 'But...' I begin to say, until I understand what he is saying, if the peacekeepers are getting more violent, that means we are more of a threat, they want to control us as much as they can and there's nothing we can do. Us Victors are becoming a threat.

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