my life changed

"You look amazing." His eyes widened, as he saw me for the first time tonight. At that moment, my life changed. All because of him.
Robin Sunder, a teenage girl who is starting tenth grade has her whole life changed when she goes and meets a guy, who is new to her school.


4. What a night.

I try not to smile as we come to a stop.

"Open your eyes."

Lights shine in front of me and I see a sign that says "Bonjour"

"Oh my gosh Niall, this looks great."

I look down at my clothes.

"You think," I start to say as I lift up my t-shirt I had on from school.

"Oh, you look fine. Look at what I have on, nobody knows our story."

I smile, then stare up at the sign as he gets out of the car, and comes to open my door for me.

"My lady." He put his hand out to help me get out of the car.

"Why thank you good man."

We walk in holding hands because he never really let go of mine, and I don't have a problem with it.

"Bonjour. Only two? Okay I have a table right this way." The waitress shows us to our table, and it's all by itself in this little room. Just a little booth, with a table.

"Have a wonderful night, your waiter will be here in just a minute."

We sit down, and he lets go of my hand. I don't say anything about where we are sitting, because it is actually really nice. I look at the menu and after a minute or two I decide just to get some chicken fingers, because I'm a picky eater and I don't see much I think I would like.

"Hello, my name is victor. What can I do for this lovely couple tonight."

Lovely couple? That kind of caught me by surprise.

"Oh no, we aren't," I start to tell him, but Niall starts to order his drink.

"Let's have a large  chocolate milkshake." He looks over at me and smiles.

"Okay, one large chocolate milkshake coming up."

"So, what are you going to order?" He asks me.

"Um, well I was just going to order the chicken fingers."

"Oh, they are really good here. I'm going to have the special meal."

I wonder what that is, but I guess I will find out when it gets here. My hands started getting cold so I was trying to make them warm, so I started running them together and Niall grabbed one and held the other and he was so warm.

"Your hands are so cold."

"They are always like this."

He smiles. "Well, I guess I will just have to hold them all the time."

Our milkshake looks great. I take a sip and the coldness slides through my body and makes me shiver.

"What can I get you two to eat, or do you need a minute?"

"No we are good, she will have the chicken fingers and I will have the special meal."

"Ah good choices. It will be ready in a bit."

Music starts playing as he walks away. At last by Etta James comes on. I guess I just haven't noticed that is was playing this whole time. I start to hum and Niall looks over at me.

"I love this song." He squeezes my hand and gets up.

"Come on." He smiles, and I can't resist.

I wrap my arms around him as we sway back and forth. I lay my head on his shoulders. He pushes me out and I twirl in his arms, and he dips me down. I laugh and he pecks me on the cheek as I come up. I see Victor come with the food, but we wait until the song ends, and then Niall walks me over to the table. It smells amazing. I take a bite and it tastes just like it smells. I look over at Niall's plate and I see all kinds of food, and it looks amazing too. I go on eating my dinner, and sipping the milkshake. By the time I'm done eating I'm completely full. Victor comes to check on us and asks if we want desert, but I turn it down. I can't eat anymore tonight. Niall pays for the meal, and we get up, and walk to the car. He holds my hand on the way home. I don't know if this means we are more than friends, but this night couldn't be topped. He pulls up to my driveway.

"Thank you so much for tonight. It was fun." I smile and peck his cheek.

"Same time tomorrow?" He winks and I get out of the car, and can't stop smiling.

I walk in the house and see that mom and them are home. I walk in and mom is sitting at the table. She doesn't ask about anything. She just smiles at me, and drinks her hot chocolate.

"Thank you." I walk over and give her a hug, and walk up to my room.

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