my life changed

"You look amazing." His eyes widened, as he saw me for the first time tonight. At that moment, my life changed. All because of him.
Robin Sunder, a teenage girl who is starting tenth grade has her whole life changed when she goes and meets a guy, who is new to her school.


1. Nervous?

High school: A place that can be anguish, or a door to opportunities.

                Today, I will be starting tenth grade, my first year at high school. I am one of the smallest in my grade, so I am a little nervous on how I will be able to handle myself with all these older, and taller teens. I mean, I come up to about everybody's shoulders, or if they are really tall, just below the shoulders. My friends, Dakota, Kimberly, and Ryan help me if I can't do something. I can usually squeeze my way through people in the hallways, but I just can't get really loud. My brother Logan, who is a senior, has helped me all through my school years. He says high school isn't that bad. I hope not.

I wake up to my alarm blaring by my ear. I tap my snooze button, and roll out of my bed. I walk into my bathroom, and brush my hair. I can barely open my eyes so I go and get dressed. I put on jeans and a cute top. I don't put on a lot of makeup, because honestly I don't like it. I walk downstairs, and get some breakfast. Logan walks in and sits across from me. He is all fixed up, with his hair swooped up, and his button up shirt.

"Hey little sis. Are you ready for school?"

"As ready as I can be." Now that I am thinking more on the thought of me going to high school my stomach gets a weird feeling.

"Don't be nervous, it's just high school."

Yeah, that helps. I smile and go put my cereal bowl in the sink. Mom walks in the kitchen as I am about to walk out the door.
"Robin, honey. Are you not going to say goodbye to your own mother?  I run over and give her a hug.

"Bye mom," I say as I let go of her and head towards the door again. "Bye Logan, love you guys!"  I couldn't hear their response because I had already closed the door. I hop in my jeep, turn on the radio, and head out for my first day of high school.

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