Ariels Poetry-Off Contest!

Enjoy reading poems written by people just like you!
You can enter your own poem (written by you of course!) by email or any other way to contact me!
On each chapter, comment which you think won!


1. No Rest For The Wicked .VS. Serenity

     Hello everyone! These are the first two competitors for the poetry-off competition, enjoy!

No Rest For The Wicked

Not one friend in the entire world,

no one wants to be friends with a mentally ill teen, 

all I see is judgement,

to make to friends I am reluctant.


I am a heavy hearted soul,

bound forever in this hell hole,

the reflection the mirror displays,

taints my mind in negative ways.


Suicide sounds good right now,

one day you'll see my soul in the clouds,

life can be so heartless,

life can be so cruel,


life would be so much easier if we didn't have to go to school,

the guilty are never punished,

the innocent are always convicted,

the devil never sleeps,

there is no rest for the wicked.



Chained up to a wall in this isolated castle,

everyday is harrowing,

everyday is a battle,

life is beyond awful it's everything but perfect,

I'd kill myself if only I had the courage or bravery.


I fear death but I fear life far more,

there's another dimension behind every closed door,

I awaken everyday to the endless anarchy outside,

the world is an illusion the world is a lie,


I'm questioning my sanity for the 1000th time,

I have a soul but it isn't mine,

it's the beginning of the end it's the end of me,

no more happiness,

no more serenity.


     Good job to our first two competitors! 

    Comment which poem you think should win this round!

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