Don't let me go ( a Harry Styles fanfiction)

Hi my name is Madelyn Paige McCormick but everyone calls me Maddie, and by everyone I mean my mom, dad, brother, and best friend Lanie. I have long straight brown / red hair and hazel eyes. My face is sprinkled wit freckles and I have wore glasses since I was 4 . I am 17 and a junior at St. Luke's academy. I have a sister named McKenzie in 12th grade, I have always been her shadow. She has curly blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, she Is cheer captain. I play the flute, see ?


25. life

 10 months later 

I was sitting on the couch in my little apartment watching tv. I was watching the today show. 

"Everyone please welcome a new band, One Direction this is their first time on a tv show so let's make it memorable!  Here they are singing a bonus track from their new album called up all night here is, Moments.

The boys took the stage and sang with sad faces. At the end Harry walked backstage. Louis followed  him. The interviewer looked at them then shrugged. Liam, Niall, and Zayn sat down next to her.

"So that is a touchy song for you guys ?" She asked

Niall looked at his feet and Zayn sighed. Liams voice cracked as he started.

"Yes we had a friend and um something happened and she left and it has been kind of hard without her with us."

With that i turned the tv off and looked at my month old daughter, you can guess what happened on that one night. Her name was Maci Rose McCormick.

I never even knew her dads name. Right now i work at Nando's. And Maci comes with me because my boss loves her.

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