Don't let me go ( a Harry Styles fanfiction)

Hi my name is Madelyn Paige McCormick but everyone calls me Maddie, and by everyone I mean my mom, dad, brother, and best friend Lanie. I have long straight brown / red hair and hazel eyes. My face is sprinkled wit freckles and I have wore glasses since I was 4 . I am 17 and a junior at St. Luke's academy. I have a sister named McKenzie in 12th grade, I have always been her shadow. She has curly blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, she Is cheer captain. I play the flute, see ?


16. Home

Maddie's P.O.V.

Today I got to go home, I'm still a little confused with my life, But I convinced my parents to go

Back to the Bahamas, and take Jackson back to my aunt. McKenzie has left because of school, and to see her "boyfriend" Zach . Gemma has left for her classes, even though I don't remember her, I do feel kind of lonely. Harry, my ex, I guess won't talk to me, Anne is usually on the phone with her work, and the rest of the boys don't talk to me, other then the blondie, Niall. He comes to my hospital room everyday, and just talks to me,  but today I am going back to the boys house, tonight is One Direction's show to see if they make it to the finals.

I was in the car with Harry trying hard to remember anything about him, but nothing comes up, I looked at him driving he glanced at me then instantly looked back.  I looked at my feet then pulled out my phone. I had 12 missed calls from Lanie, Lanie ! I remember her,  we have been best friends sonce we were 7 , I moved to England from Ireland when I was six, that is why I have a mixed accent. I texted her

M - Hey Lanie ! Have not talked to you in years !

L - it has only been 4 weeks, 

M - What ? Ohhh I totally forgot what my doctor told me, 

L - ??

Harry snatched my phone away from me. I gave him a confused glance.


" You can not tell anyone ! It Iis just more ways for the public to find out , think !"

At that point we were at the house, I ran out and ran down the street with Harry following me. I ducked into an alley and watched Harry run past me. I walked across the street after he was gone and walked into a coffe place. I dug out change from my purse and gave the cashier my money and asked for a coffe.

She handed me my coffee and I tasted it still having that reaction I had as a kid, I swallowed it and threw away the rest of the cup, I sat in a booth and rested my head in my hands. I heard someone sit across from me, I slowly looked up Harry sat there with a frown, 

" Madelyn, you can not keep running away from your problems like that !"

" Well I'm sorry that I have been dumped, dissed, tricked, hated, yelled at, and almost died ! Twice actually, I'm sorry Harry ok !"

Tears started streaming from my eyes like the rain outside I walked out the door and started walking towards then end of the road getting soaked  by the downpour.  I felt a hand grab my wrist. Harry wrapped me in a hug and kissed my head.

He then smiled brightly

" Madelyn your back ! You remembered stuff from a couple months ago, wait ughh what is my middle name?"

I smiled and responded "Edward" 

He wrapped me in another hug and kissed me, I was surprised,  thinking about the things he has done to me. I looked at the ground and started walking back to the house with Harry.

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