Don't let me go ( a Harry Styles fanfiction)

Hi my name is Madelyn Paige McCormick but everyone calls me Maddie, and by everyone I mean my mom, dad, brother, and best friend Lanie. I have long straight brown / red hair and hazel eyes. My face is sprinkled wit freckles and I have wore glasses since I was 4 . I am 17 and a junior at St. Luke's academy. I have a sister named McKenzie in 12th grade, I have always been her shadow. She has curly blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, she Is cheer captain. I play the flute, see ?


27. great

Liam wrapped his arms around me then Louis, then Zayn, and finally Harry. He quickly let go of me and I heard Maci start to cry. Ashleey brought her to me.

" Sorry to interrupt but, you are kind of her mom."

I took Maci and the boys turned to look at Harry. I shook my head and said quietly

" No, she's not Harry's all of them looked at Niall next .

" No, she is not any of yours."

I pushed a strand of her chocolate brown hair to the side and looked at her sea blue eyes. I sat down rocking Maci making her quite. Harry took her from me and stared at her holding her completely wrong. I pushed her close to his chest and placed Harry's hand on her tiny back. The rest of the boys went to the counter to order and harry stared at me while rubbing Maci's back.

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