Our Child

In this story, you'll get to know about the secret love that Justin Bieber and Monique Raiye have for each other but are too afraid to say it. Once one of them tells the other of their love for them, they make love and after that things come spiraling down. Justin finds out that Monique had his baby 2 years ago. Will Justin find out or will she tell him? Will Justin still have feelings for her or will he abandon her? You'll have to read to find out.


3. The Argument

    Today, I went over to my friend sashina's house just to chill for a bit....

Sashina: why were you over Justin's house so early in the morning?

Me: (she's my girl best friend and I can tell her anything) me and Justin did it.

Sashina: did what?

Me: it..you know. S,E,X.

Sashina: omg. You mean Justin cheated? With you?

Me: I didn't know he was dating anyone..

Sashina: you mean, he didn't tell you that he was dating Selena?

Me: omg. I dont even know what to feel anymore. I dont even know if I can trust him anymore. Why wouldn't he tell me?

Sashina: I wouldn't trust him either, if he can't even tell you who's he's dating. I mean, what if he's hiding something else?

    I left Sashina's and went home because I was so mad over the fact that he couldnt even tell me something so simple. When I think about it, he told me that he would never date her when I asked if he thought she was cute. I can't describe the way I feel right now, I got home, went into my room, turned on my sad songs.
                                                        THE NEXT DAY
    *my phone rings*
Me: hello (in a sad voice)
Justin: why do you sound so sad?
Me: no reason..(I wanted to yell him so bad)
Justin: dont lie to me. Come on what's wrong?
Me: I have fake friends.
    *I hung up* I can not believe Justin didn't know I was talking about him like doesn't he know when does something wrong? And why did he tell me not to lie when he knows that he lied. I'm going to give Justin a week to tell me that he's dating Selena. 
                                                        A WEEK LATER
    I've been hanging low with Justin for a whole week and he still asks me everyday, ''what's wrong?'' Or, ''did I do something?'' I like yes, yes you did. I'm not the type of person to get mad if you like someone I dont, but I will get mad if you lie about it to me more than one times. I just can't believe that Justin didn't even bother to tell me and I heard they've been on and off for years. Its time to take some action...
    *Justin calls me*
Me: what do you want from me? Can't you see I'm done with you?
Justin: I was just about to ask you to come over. What did I do?
Me: you lied to me, you said that you didn't like Selena and that you'd never date her..(he cuts me off.)
Justin: I'm not dating her anymore.
Me: anymore is the key word, dont talk to me anymore.
Justin: but..
    *I hung up*
    Now I'm officially done with Justin, nothing can make me take him back as a friend. You may thing I'm being harsh but this is the 5th time he's lied to me about something so simple. If he will lie over stuff like that, I wonder what else he's lying about. Now I know Justin is not a trust worthy friend.

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