Our Child

In this story, you'll get to know about the secret love that Justin Bieber and Monique Raiye have for each other but are too afraid to say it. Once one of them tells the other of their love for them, they make love and after that things come spiraling down. Justin finds out that Monique had his baby 2 years ago. Will Justin find out or will she tell him? Will Justin still have feelings for her or will he abandon her? You'll have to read to find out.


2. Sex

                                                Monique's P.O.V.
Let me tell you the story of how everything went...
    *phone ringing* *I pick up*
Me: Hello?
Justin: Hey, can you come over?
Me: Sure, give me five minutes.
    Me and Justin lived right next door to each other, I always went over to his house, he never came to my house, I never let him. I put make-up on and walked over to his house.
    *I knock on the door* *his mom opens the door*
Patty: Hello, you here for Justin?
Me: Yeah.
Patty: Come on in. I'll fix you guys some snacks.
Me: ok.
    When I walked into Justin's room, I saw him laying on his bed with his shirt off
Me: ewww, put a shirt on. (I really didn't want him too)
Justin: nahh, you just have to deal with all this sexiness
Me: my pleasure (I said to myself)
Justin: wanna listen to some music?
Me: sure, why not?
    *Justin puts the music on and starts dancing*
Me: wow (I loved it when he danced)
Justin: come on, dance with me. (He said while taking my hand and pulling me off his bed)
    We began to dance and our eyes lock in with each other and it looked like Justin was leaning in for a kiss but before it happened, his mom walks in...

Patty: hey, guys broke ya'll some snacks!
    *Justin throws me on his bed quickly*
Me: really, justin
Justin: thanks mom, sorry MoMo (I frown on the day he started calling me that)
Me: whatever..
    *pattie leaves the room*
Justin: where were we?
Me: I dont know, you tell me..or better yet, show me..
Justin: *laughs* you know I will

    Me and Justin have an intense make out session, and we began to take off some clothes. Justin rips off my bra and then sucks on my breast, then Justin rips off my panties and goes down on me, then he takes off his boxers and does what a guy does best with his penis. (This is a little too dirty..oh well.)
    After we have..you know, we fall asleep. I feel asleep ontop of Justin and he had his arms rapped around me. 

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