Drugging me

Love lasts as long as the high.


2. Krystal

God damn it, Krystal, meth isn't the way out of this. You need to get your head on straight and figure out this shit. You're beautiful, but you're fucked up, my darling. You met me under fucked up circumstances. We were both in a bad place, but you can't keep going back and punishing yourself for being in those places. The cuts on your wrists don't define you in the slightest. You're the strongest then the rest, and you've held on the longest and the tightest. You were a porcelain doll sat up on a pedestal, perfect and polished and then you let him drag you down until you sat in the corner with a blade picking of a flower petals. You know love is something you can't give and receive, it's something earned like luck, you gave him your love and he threw it around like he didn't give a fuck. Look into my eyes, because I can see past the disguise. You can try the painted smiles and the candy coated lies but it doesn't work on me, because I see everything. Baby, just put it down. I love you. Please don't frown. You said you loved me. You said you cared. I said I'd protect you, so don't be scared. Krystal, meth isn't it.  

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