Drugging me

Love lasts as long as the high.


1. Drugging Me

So I'll sit with you at your bed side. Watching the moves you make, calculating every single mistake. And you'll lean in and kiss me, but what did do to me? I'm intoxicated
I'm drugged, I'm drunk, I'm hypnotized. There's a million stars shining in your eyes and there's nothing behind you. It's you. It' just you. You. What the fuck did you do to me? Why am I only thinking about you? Why am I only seeing you? Why are the only things that I want are your lips, and your eyes, and your arms on me. I couldn't care less about clothes, or food, or whatever shit other girls like. When did you become my needle? When did you become this thing that made me feel like nothing else could? When did you become a hypnotic substance that races through my veins, flows through my blood, crosses my heart and hopes to die? When? How? Where did you come from? Why me? How could you have ever given someone such a precious gift as this, but then put a sticker on it say, "fragile." Saying, "breakable." Saying, "either him or no one at all." How could you give someone such a heartbreak and expect them to give you the same 'love' in return? How do I know it's 'love?' What is 'love?' I know I feel 'it,' but how do I know you are? How do I know this isn't just a cruel joke? How do I know this isn't a set up? How do I know you're not drugging me?

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