Chloe and Diana are sisters.

Keaton and Niall are enemies.

Chloe and Diana take there boyfriends sides.

What happens when Chloe and Diana decide there friend ship is more important then there boyfriends. Read to find out:D


1. Twins for life

Diana's pov

'Keaton told me he loved me today!' Chloe came running in yelling that.

'Sis why Keaton first of all him and Niall are like rivals!' I said. I don't get how she can pick any one and she has to pick the one boy that my boyfriend hates.

'Wow! Diana me and Keaton are going to be together the matter what you have to say about it!' She yelled and ran in her room.

I grabbed my phone and called Niall. 'Hey this is Niall sorry I couldn't make it to the phone leave your name and number and I'll get back to you.' I waited for the beep and then spoke 'hey Hun it's Diana can you please call me back I need to talk to you love you' I walked into my room and slammed the door. I opened the door that lead into Chloe's room.

'Chloe were twins for life. Can we make a promise to each other?' I asked.

'Yea' she said lifting her head up from her pillow you could tell she was crying.

'Can we promise each other sisters before misters?' She hugged me and whispered 'yes' I hugged her tight and saw a picture of her and Keaton & the boys. What kind of band name is Emblem 3?

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