One Direction Preferences🆔

These preferences are made by me and I hope all you like! There are sad, happy, sexual ones for all you girls like them. Love you people! Have fun reading!



6. Preference #6 First Time

Zayn: Tonight was the night you knew you were ready. You and Zayn sat at the dinner table eating when you confessed. "I'm ready." Was all you said. He looked up at you with his face still down. "Ready for what?" He said as he wiped his mouth with a napkin. You breathed out," I'm ready for us know." You raised your eyebrows as you smiled. He widened his eyes," Now, are you sure? I don't want you end up regretting our first time." He say, serious. You nod and through the rest of the food away. As you put the dish in the sink, Zayn comes up to you and kisses your neck. "Well, I'm ready too."

Harry: You and Harry cuddled on the couch as you watched your guy's favorite show. It made you two laugh and you two just enjoyed it. For the past couple days, you been thinking about your's and Harry's relationship. It was like a dream. Everything was wondering. You guys had your fights but made up a second later. While thinking about your relationship, something came up. Your guy's first time. When was it going to happen? What was it going to be like? So many questions raced in your mind.

You sat up and out your face in your hands. You were ready but didn't know if he was. You didn't want to confess you were and then have him say he wasn't. He spoke, which made you come back to reality," Is everything okay?" He sat up and wrapped his one arm around your waist. It was time to tell him. "There's something I have to get off my chest." You say as you face him. He became very stiff and sat up straight," okay?" He said, scared to know. You sighed," I've been waiting awhile to say this but what I'm trying to say is I'm ready to um...have sex with you." You say. He breathes out full of relief," oh I thought you were going to say something different." He says, chuckling. He then looks at you and smile," So, you are ready?" You nod and blush. He takes your face in his hands and kisses you. "I am too." He leads you upstairs for a night you will never forget.

Louis: He was so nervous. He loved you so much and was ready to take the next step in your two's relationship. There was just one thing he asked himself over and over again. What if she isn't ready?, he thought.

You two were on your date. He thought about it all night. You two ate and talked like any other date. "I'm ready to take out relationship to the next level." He blurts out quickly. You look at him weirdly," Say that again?" You say. He repeats himself and you smiling widely. "You sounded pretty nervous." You say , chuckling. He blushes and grabs you hand," I was hoping you were too. And if your not, it's okay. I will wait." You smile at his cuteness and kiss him from across the table. "I'm more than ready, honey." You say. After your date, it was like a dream.

Liam: You first time was the best you had. You two laid there, breathless. It was like you were on cloud 9. He just stared at you like you were a diamond. You turned to look at him and all you saw was him smiling. "I love you so so much,(Y/N)." He says, his voice cracking. He had tears go down his cheeks. "Why are you crying babe?" You asked. You wiped then away and he chuckled. "This night was so special. I never thought I could be with someone this wonderful." He says. You two kiss and cuddle for the rest of the night.

Niall: The wedding night. You two walked into the suite you had. It was beautiful. King size bed, chocolates on the bed, candles lit and everything. You looked at him with joy and looked around. You were still in your wedding dress and you just twirled in it. "This is so amazing." Was all you could say. Niall chuckled and started taking off his suit. Before you guys got married, you both decided it would be best to wait till the wedding night to share that magical moment. Well, here it is, you thought.

You tried to unzip your dress but it was a bit hard. "Niall honey, can you unzip me when you done there?" You said still trying to get it. He stopped what he did and slowly unzipped the dress. "Your so beautiful." He said, kissing your shoulder. You took it off and stood there. The rest was like you thought it would be, magical.

(I knew, this isn't very sexual but I will get there! Lol Hope you are enjoying. Any request for preferences needed! Comment what you want. More to come soon! :D)

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