One Direction Preferences🆔

These preferences are made by me and I hope all you like! There are sad, happy, sexual ones for all you girls like them. Love you people! Have fun reading!



4. Preference #4 Fighting Pt.2

Niall: You didn't understand. Before you had Quinn, he promised you to help you whenever you needed it.

Minutes later,

You felt his arm wrap around you. He kissers the back of your head and said," turn around babe, please." You did what he said and he saw your teary eyes. He sighed," I'm sorry baby. Of course, I put our child before my career. I never think twice. I love you both more than you'll ever know." He tried to kiss you but you backed away. You looked at him," Niall. I needed help and all you did was nothing. Quinn, your daughter was crying and you ignored her. Not me, her. Yes, both of us are new at this but I still do my best to be the best mother for her. I want you to be able to think as the best father you can be." You said. He had a tear go down his cheek and you wiped it. "I promise. From now on, I will help as much as I can." He says and kisses you. And like he said, he did.

Louis: As you laid there, you kept on hearing him full around with all his friends. It died down about an hour later. You heard him come up the stairs and you acted like you were asleep. He stripped to boxers and when he hit the bed, he was out.

-Next Day-

You were up before he was and you kept on thinking about last night. He treated you with disrespect and never regretted it. You made yourself breakfast and heard him walk down the stairs "Hey babe." He says yawning. You didn't say anything. He got some aspirin and water. "what the matter, baby?" He says and wraps his arms around you but you squirm out of his grip. "you. How you treated me last night in front of your god awful friends." You said, not looking at him. He sighed," I was drunk, love. I don't remember anything. You will have to refresh my mind." He says. You tell him all what he did. You could tell he wanted to beat himself up for it but you couldn't let him get away for what he did. "I'm so sorry Hun. I wish I could have controlled myself." He says and hugs you. You couldn't help but hug him. "It's okay."

Harry: You say there stunned. It felt like a nightmare. You loved him with your heart and he stabs you in the back. You heard him lightly knock on the door. You stood up and took a picture of you two and threw it across the room. "what was that?!" He asked, worried. You didn't answer. He didn't deserve your answer. You packed your clothes, not caring about the rest. He then opened the door and saw what you were doing. "please...let me explain." He pleaded. You didn't stay or look at him. You walked past him with your stuff and walked down the stairs. You never thought this would ever happen. Leaving the one you loved, trusted, had faith in. It broke your heart but it was the best thing. He raced after you, saying that he loves you. "did you say that to her too? That you loved her. Never want anyone else but her?" You said, breaking. He looked at you almost in tears. "Your my life. It was never meant to happen." He got on his knees, crying. "Harry, if you really loved me, you would have never put yourself in the position of losing me. If I took you back, nothing would be the same. I'm sorry....goodbye." With that, you left and you two never spoke again.

Liam: You gasped and began feeling regret and started crying. He then broke and walked to you. You opened your arms for a hug and he held on tight. Like as if he let go, he'd lose you too. He cried till he had no tears left. It broke your heart for him to go through this. "Oh my gosh, Liam...I'm so sorry I yelled. I'm so sorry." You say, crying. He cried more and never left any tear back. "Don't be. I just thought that if you saw me like this, you'd think I'm a coward." He says, crying. "No never. You let everything you need, out. I'm here for you and always will be." You say and held him. For the rest of the night, you two talked and you helped him when ever he had the urge to cry again.

Zayn: Why did I say that?, you thought. You never meant to say that. You just wanted the best for him and your parents just came into your mind whenever he showed you.

Hours later, Zayn comes back, still upset. You go up to him and explain everything and how sorry you are. He didn't want to hear it. You kept pleading that you were sorry. "And what makes me want to believe that your actually sorry?" He says, glaring at you. You couldn't find a reason. "Exactly." He says and goes to the bedroom. You went up later and found him crying in the pillow. "I thought you would be so proud of the tattoo I got." He says, sniffling. "I never meant to say any of that. I love you and I respect all your decision your make." You say. He shows it again. "it's the date that we met. I wanted it as a tattoo because that was the day that changed my life." You hugged and kissed him. "I love you."

(Love you guys! Hope you like!:D)

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