Louis Tomlinson is one of the beloved members of One Direction. But when he's involved in a serious car accident, his life changes forever.
Memory loss is the most common result of a severe head injury. How are the rest of the One Direction boys going to come when Louis thinks he's still seventeen?


2. Peace


The pain. The slam. The cold, brittle air touching my exposed skin. The wound on my head, making it hard for me to see. To think. The harsh reality of not knowing whether I was dead, or alive. The dawning fear of not knowing whether he bones were still intact or not. The pain continued, sirens blared from different directions. I heard someone calling my name, screaming for me to wake up, pleading for my consciousness to continue. My mind was going blank. I was letting go. The pain, god the pain. I just couldn't take it. Everything was going blurry.

The screaming stopped. The sirens stopped. Everything went quiet. It was peaceful. Then it was nothing.

Niall's POV

A film. Our own actual cinema film. I couldn't believe any of this was happening. Who would've thought that a nerdy little kid from Ireland would come this far in the world. I couldn't have done it without the boys though.

Speaking of the boys, we all went home today to record some parts for the film. I came home to Ireland, Harry went back to Holmes Chapel, Louis back to Doncaster, Zayn to Bradford and Liam; Wolverhampton.

It felt amazing being so close to these lads. I miss them too much even when they go away just for the day. Luckily, we were all back together tonight in London.

We were all suppose to be meeting on the tour bus to discuss the next music video.

As soon as I got on the bus the atmosphere made me smile from ear to ear. Everyone was laughing and joking. Harry and Zayn were sat on the sofa watching some video in Harry's phone whilst Liam and Lux played with her barbie dolls.

"There he is!" Harry greeted as I sat down opposite him. "Filming go well?"

"Yeah, it were good." I smiled. "Got our suits for Greg's wedding, so all in all it were alright."

"Where's Louis then?" Zayn frowned. "He should've been here ages ago." We all instantly stopped talking and started looking around the room. Then, just on queue, Paul walked in.

He looked like shit. His eyes were red and puffy, his hair was mess. He literally looked like he'd been dragged through a bush.

"Jesus..." Harry muttered. "What's up with you? You look like crap..."

Paul shook his head. He walked into the centre of the room, which is when The whole tour team came in. Even Simon was here.

"What's going on?" Liam frowned, looking at each individual.

Paul sighed. "It's Louis..." His voice broke as tears fell from his eyes. "He's was in a car accident. It's not good.

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