Louis Tomlinson is one of the beloved members of One Direction. But when he's involved in a serious car accident, his life changes forever.
Memory loss is the most common result of a severe head injury. How are the rest of the One Direction boys going to come when Louis thinks he's still seventeen?


1. Loss

Seconds. It took seconds to change his life forever. One bad decision of another changes absolutely everything.


Louis POV

"I have a lot of memories cruising around Doncaster...thinking I" I smiled at the camera man sitting in the passenger seat of my car. We were riding around my home town filming a segment for the This Is Us movie. I got butterflies just thinking about it. a movie...talking about my own life... it's just insane.

We passed the park I used to always play in when I was little. The one I used to always take my little sisters to years ago. We passed the church that I used to go to every Monday after school for Youth Club. Every single building brought back memories.

I must've been really interested in the scenery because I didn't notice the car speeding head on towards me, or the screaming, or the tires screeching, or my whole world turning black.

Jay's POV (Louis mum)

Louis was home. My baby was actually home for a few days and god, I felt so happy. It was just so much of a shock when he went away at eighteen and hardly ever came back. Now he's twenty-two and I never see him. It was awful, but I knew he was so happy doing what he was doing. That just made me so proud.

I had made a huge dinner for a small celebration of his visit home. I made his favourite buttery home made mash. He loved my home cooked meals.

"Muuuuuuum..." Phoebe moaned from behind me as she span on a kitchen chair. "When's dinner ready?"
"Soon, but we're not having it till Lou comes home." I smile and ruffle her hair before proceeding to the fridge to collect come ingredients for the mash.

"Is he staying home this time?" She asked.
"He's staying for a bit, but he's got to go again soon." I heard her whimper behind me. The girls hated him being away. They adored him so much when he was home. Especially Lottie. Louis is her only older sibling and without him has been hard for her, but they're all coping. It just makes the times when he comes home extra special.

As I was pouring milk into the mash mixture someone knocked on the door. "Lotts...can you get that for me?"

I heard Lottie answer the door. Probably one of her friends. I knew it wouldn't be Louis yet, he was going to his old high school to film parts for This Is Us, so he'd be a while.

"Um, mum?" Lottie was stood in the kitchen doorway with a confused look on her face. Two police officers stood behind her.

"Officers?" I wipe my hands on a tea towel and turn the stove of.
"Are you Johannah, Louis' mother?" I nod.
"Could we speak with you for a minute?"


We all sat down in the living room. Me, the two officers, Lottie and Dan, who had come from upstairs.

"I'm afraid your son has been in a road traffic accident."
It felt like my heart had stopped beating. My breath caught in my throat as I stared at the officer in disbelief as he continued. "A drunk driver hit his car head on. Louis hit his head on the steering wheel. There was a malfunction with the didn't open."

My hands slap across my mouth as my breath got faster and harder. I couldn't believe what I was being told.

"He's in intensive care...he's unfortunately suffering from sever memory loss which may take away the past 5 years of his life."

My whole world crashed on top of me.


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