Beautiful Disaster *Luke Hemmings LS* (WARNING: there are gays in story ) -COMPLETED-

"I tried to save her but it was too late" I thought to myself.
Emma Alfanso has a tragic story but she's only told one person. Will that person tell her deepest secret or will that he/she keep her secret?. Emma cuts and Burns herself nobody knows that though.She is bullied not because she cuts or burns but because she is mute ever since she was 12 she was mute never spoken a word since then she is now 17 years old in highschool. Will she be saved or will it be too late? Her father..... Your going to have to read to find out :D :L :D :L
(sorry its bad i suck at descriptions but please read)


30. Hurt/Everything I Didnt Say

Emma's Pov:

As I finished putting on my makeup I grabbed my One Direction 'Our Moment' perfume and sprayed two times before heading downstairs to see Luke standing at the bottom. "Wow, you look.." I looked down I bet he thinks I look ugly and fat don't forget fat. the voice in the back of my head continued Those people were right you don't deserve Luke, you're just an fat, ugly, whore. I shook my head no that's not true Oh but it is honey hahaha the voice said a tear rolled down my cheek but I don't think Luke noticed cause my hair was covering my face so I wiped it away quickly and made it look like I was moving my hair and I put on a fake smile hoping he wont see through me like he always does "Uhm sorry what did you say?" I asked he chuckled "I said you look Beautiful, like you dod everyday." I blushed "Thank you. You don't look too bad yourself." I winked trying to act as cool as possible but yet failing cause I don't know how to wink. We looked at each other then just but out laughing "W-we need to work on your winking!" he exclaimed still laughing and trying to catch his breath I on the other hand stopped laughing and pretended I was mad and I think he's falling for it. I walked past him with a fake pissed expression and out the door and saw that I forgot my phone. I sighed and turned around about to walk back in the house when my face came in contact with a hard but soft chest "Fuck."I said closing my eyes knowing what was coming next but it never came I opened my eyes to see Luke holding me in his arms I smiled "My hero." then I dropped my smile (You know one of those sarcastic ones)  and stood up he sighed "Babe are you mad about me laughing at your wink?" he asked I kept faking "No, its because im on my period." I said fake sarcastically rolling my eyes "I don't know why you're getting so worked up about it I said i'll help you with it." I couldn't take it anymore I started laughing "G-got ya" I said falling to the floor laughing. I was finding this more funnier then I should ''What am I going to do with you?" he said joining in on the laughing "You know you love me." I finally managed to stop laughing "Forever and Always." he answered picking me up bridle style and kissing my while my hands snaked around his neck. "Always and Forever" I said pulling away "Come on! We're going to be late." he said pulling on my hand "But I gotta get my phone I forgot it inside!" I exclaimed he sighed and put his hands in his pocket like if he ws looking for something "Shit, I forgot my phone too." I giggled "Don't worry i'll get it for you. Where is it?" I asked him he put on a thinking face "Last time I had it was when I was on the couch next to the cute penguin!" he answered enthusiastically when he said penguin I chuckled and turned around but Luke grabbed my wrist and twirled me around "I didn't get a goodbye for a few minutes kiss." he said with a huge goofy but cute smile on his face I rolled my eyes and pecked his lips as soon as he got into the kiss I pulled away and ran to the house "HAHAHAH!" I screamed over my shoulder "THATS CALLED CHEATING!" he screamed back but I was already in the house and up the stairs. I got my phone and put n my penguin case to tease Luke then I jogged down the stairs into the living room and as soon as I did I heard like a small beeb sound. I followed it and it led me to Luke's phone me being the nosy me had to check. I saw it was a message so I put in his password the most easiest thing ever anyways and I went to his messages and I couldn't believe what I saw. Luke was texting a girl. I clicked on her picture and I could not believe who it was. It was the school drama/ popular girl Melanie Goozmen (A/N:Its the name of this girl in my school I don't like lol. Not tryna be mean but ya know I thought it went with this chapter) You wouldn't believe how much makeup she has on her face it looks like she was gang banged by Crayola on her face. I started reading messages

'Melanie is Bae': Hey babe. Wanna come over I'll keep you company if you know what ;)

'Luke': I cant tonight baby you know I have a date with Emma maybe tomorrow she's going back to school before the tour to get her stuff

'Melanie is Bae': Why are you going out on a date with that ugly bitch anyways?! Shes so Fat.When are you going to break up with her?

'Luke': I know she is but you know how she feels about me, And I told you I promise i'll break up with her first I got to ask her out then go out with her a little so she gets really attached then I dumped her like trash and it will be only me and you.

It took her about a while to answer back and when she did it was the text she sent right now that read

'Melanie is Bae': Luke I need you to come over right now!

I decided to keep the conversation going and see what she needs and why would Luke say all those things about me!?

'Luke': Babe you know im going on my date with Emma, what happened?

she answered right away and I gasped

'Melanie is Bae':Luke I think im pregnant! No I AM pregnant!

I was going to text back but someone cleared their throat behind me "What are you doing?" I turned around but quickly put the phone in my back pocket "Oh hey Luke, I was looking for your phone what do you mean what am I doing?'' I nervously chuckled "But I left it right here." he said walking over to the couch and looking all over the penguin and pillows. Then his phone rang blaring his favorite song which I found out two weeks ago 'End up here' from their Album which I also found out about two weeks ago ''Is that my phone?" he asked turning around 'shit' I thought to myself did it really have to ring right now at this moment? "Oh will you look at that. How did you get in there?" I said trying to act as stupid as possible as I took out the phone from my back pocket. He took it from my hands and it stopped ringing "YOU WERE GOING THROUGH MY MESSAGES?!" he screamed I looked down he never screamed at me before he walked closer to me and everytime he did I would take one step back until my back hit the table the t.v. was on "ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION EMMA. WERE YOU OR WERE YOU NOT GOING THROUGH MY PHONE AND EVEN REPLING TO MY TEXTS!?'' "Yes I was and I did." I said quietly. Then I thought wait he shouldn't be the one angry I should cause I know we weren't officially dating but w kissed and stuff and he like practically was cheating on me I gained some confidence and put my finger on his chest poking him ''YES! I DID GO THROUGH YOUR PHONE AND TEXT BACK MELANIE! HOW COULD YOU LUKE? YOU WERE JUST GOING TO LEAD ME ON THEN THROW ME AWAY LIKE A BAG OF TRASH! YOU THINK IM FAT AND UGLY!" I screamed back at his poking his chest every now and then. "YOU WERE LIKE PRACTICALLY CHEATING ON ME EVEN THOUGH WE WERENT OFFICAL OR ANYTHING I THOUGHT WE WERE! YOU KISSED ME TOLD ME I WAS BEAUTIFUL AND YOU WERE THERE FOR ME. BUT NOW I SEE  THAT IT WAS ALL NOTHING BUT LIES! YOU HAD SEX WITH MELANIE THAT BITCH!" I screamed now angry and furious ''DONT YOU FUCKING DARE SPEAK ABOUT HER LIKE THAT YOU DONT KNOW HER!" ''TO HELL I DO SHE MADE MY LIFE LIVING FUCKING HELL FOR 4 GODDAMN YEARS BUT I BET SHE DIDNT TELL YOU THAT!'' ''SHUT UP! I BET YOU DESERVED EVERYTHING YOU GOT YOU DIRTY FAT WHORE!'' I stared at him like  he had just murdered someone and tears started rolling down my cheeks "I cant believe you just called me that. I never thought you would be the one but I guess I was wrong about you. That really hurt Luke." I said and ran out the door and I could hear him calling my name in the distance but I was already gone. I didn't know where I was going but I know im not going back there. What about Kenzie you dumbass? the voice in the back of m y head head said I thought and thought I could go back and get her when im ready to face Luke I just need to straighten out first and then i'll go back but right now I need some time and I know its not the best place to go but I have nowhere else to go but there so I went to Jake's house.


I was watching teen wolf when the door bell was rung. I sighed and got up ''who the hell could it be right  now?" I mumbled to myself. I opened the door and Emma jumped into my arms crying I picked her up and brought her to the couch "Hey, hey what happened?" she just cried more and harder. She stopped crying after 5 minutes "Emma, tell me what happened I'm here to listen to you 100% I promise.'' I told her calmly she sniffled and whipped her red nose for like the 10th time ''Well, Luke and I were supposed to go on a date tonight." she began I nodded for her to continue ''I forgot my phone inside and he told me to get his too. So I got mine and I found his on the couch, it started beeping so I looked at it. He had a message and I might have read his messages with Melanie the school slut. I know we weren't dating yet but it felt like it was and I thought we were too because we kissed, held hands and did what couples do so it was like he was cheating on me. I replied back to the text pretending to be Luke and he called me mean names like the people on Twitter called me." She sniffled and continued "Then he saw that I was doing that and got mad we got in an huge argument and I called Melanie a bitch and said that he had sex with her because she sent back that she was pregnant. He stood up for her and told me not to talk about her like that and that I don't know her like he does. I told him I do know her very well cause she made my life living hell for 4 years." she started crying again "He said to me 'I bet you deserved everything you got you dirty fat whore. and I ran out and came here." she finished crying harder and harder if that's even possible. I held you close not wanting to let go right now I was heated with anger and I just want to rip off Luke's head! That's just what I'm going to do. I got up but Emma's hand pulled at my wrist "Please don't leave." She whispered I nodded and carried her upstairs to my room giving her a t-shirt and a pair on my boxers even though they wont fit her small body "Emma I know this is a bad time to ask but you never told me about your dad before." I announced ''He left my mum after he found out she was pregnant again but she lost the baby and he was still gone nothing more, nothing less.Well I'm going to use the bathroom." she announced I told her to wait and answered "I want you to hear a song my brother and his band wrote I like the song so I'm going to sing it to you also I just don't like the fact that Luke sings it and then I'll go get you something to eat and you better not argue with me on saying you're not hungry Missy." I finished singing the song and looked at her she cracked a small smile "That was so beautiful, I want it as my ring tone. Record yourself and put it as my ringtone I want to remember this moment." she said and left to the bathroom while I recorded made it as her ring tone then went downstairs.

Emma's Pov:

I cant take it anymore I need to find a razor! I looked all around the bathroom in the cabinets,under the sink, then finally I found one sitting on the inside of the mirror. I took off the concealer that was on my legs and arms and then sat in the tub in my bra and underwear. I took the razor I made one cut, two cut, three cuts, four. I continued until I had about 10 cuts on each arm and a whole bunch going down my thighs to my knee. I might have cut too deep towards the very last one I cut which was literally on my wrist where my wrist begins. I turned on the water and the pain turned to pleasure and the next thing I know I see dots and black out.

Jake's Pov:

I was coming back upstairs when I heard the water running maybe she's taking a shower I said to myself and walked into the room putting the food on the bed. I knocked on the bathroom door "Em you alright in there?" I asked no answered maybe she just needs time "Emma I got your food just come out when you're done." I sat on the edge of the bed on my phone. It has now been 3 minutes and she's still not out I'm getting worried every second so I turned the knob to the bathroom and it was open. I went inside and saw Emma in the tube, water running, and the cuts and a very deep one on her wrist. I called the ambulance and then called the others and we all met down at the hospital. "This is all my fault." Luke announced "Damn right it is. In what right mind were you in calling her a whore, fat, and ugly? Huh?!" I screamed in his face Calum stepped in between us "Lads we're here for Emma not to fight so calm the fuck down and just sit in the chair until we get news! I'm sick of you guys always fighting and I'm sure everyone else is too! No sit down or get out." He said well screamed. We both sat down and a doctor came in "Anyone here for Mrs.Emma?" he announced we all jumped up "How is she?" Adrian asked the doctor looked down "I'm very sorry but Mrs.Emma has only one more hour." he sighed we all looked at each other and burst out crying "C-can we see her?" I asked he nodded "Yes, but please don't stress her out." I nodded and he led us down to her room. We all walked in and as I saw her lifeless body just laying there a salty tear rolled down my cheek.

Luke's Pov:

I cant believe she's going to die in 1 hour. She doesn't deserve this and its all fault. I should've been the one in that hospital bed dying not her. I sat on the side of her bed held her hand and cried "I'm sorry...." I whispered as I felt a small grip on my hand "I accept your apology but what you said hurt." she said below a whisper but I still heard her "Take care of Kenzie. Don't do anything stupid while im gone, you'll all see me soon someday." she smiled a small smile "I love you all." she said and then I heard someone singing our song 'Everything I Didn't Say' I looked over my shoulder and saw it was Jake he sat on the other side of her bed and continued singing

'Wait, don't tell me

Heaven is a place on earth

I wish I could rewind all the times that I didn't

Show you what you're really worth.'

I joined in

'The way that you held me
I wish that I'd put you first
I was wrong I admit, numb from your kiss
While you were slipping through my fingertips

Taking every breath away
With all of the mistakes I've made
From all the letters that I've saved
This is everything I didn't say
I wish I could've made you stay
And I'm the only one to blame
I know that it's a little too late
This is everything I didn't say

This is everything I didn't say'

Soon everyone was singing to her

'Wake me up now
And tell me this is all a bad dream
All the songs that I wrote
All the wrongs that I hoped would erase from your memory (erase from your memory)
Holding onto a broken and empty heart
Flowers I should've bought, all the hours I lost
Wish I could bring it back to the start

Taking every breath away
With all of the mistakes I've made
From all the letters that I've saved
This is everything I didn't say
I wish I could've made you stay
And I'm the only one to blame
I know that it's a little too late
This is everything I didn't say

I hope you know
For you I'd sacrifice
To make this right

Some day I'm sure
We'll pass each other by
Until that time

Taking every breath away
With all of the mistakes I've made
From all the letters that I've saved
This is everything I didn't say
I wish I could've made you stay
And I'm the only one to blame
I know that it's a little too late
This is everything I didn't say

This is everything I didn't say'

We all finished off and then her heart monitor beeped in a straight line. Another doctor came in

"I'm sorry, she's in a better place now."

Doctor's Pov:

I tried to save her but it was too late. I thought to myself.

Author's Pov:

Isn't their life a Beautiful Disaster? OR NAH Jk jk lol

'Everything I Didn't Say' Cover (pretend its Jake)




 ( I've changed or their pic isn't in the  story) :p


Emma's new pic





DO YOU GOT A BAE? OR NAH. ARE ONE DIRECTION+5 SECONDS OF SUMMER MY BAE OR NAH?! THEY IS MY BAE BISHES SO CALM YO TITS! I hope you guys really enjoyed this first book of Beautiful Disaster Look forward to book two. Mwah love y'all penguins. I feel like this is the longest chapter in this whole story or is it just me? Andee Xxxx I WOKE UP LIKE THIS FLAWLESS



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