Beautiful Disaster *Luke Hemmings LS* (WARNING: there are gays in story ) -COMPLETED-

"I tried to save her but it was too late" I thought to myself.
Emma Alfanso has a tragic story but she's only told one person. Will that person tell her deepest secret or will that he/she keep her secret?. Emma cuts and Burns herself nobody knows that though.She is bullied not because she cuts or burns but because she is mute ever since she was 12 she was mute never spoken a word since then she is now 17 years old in highschool. Will she be saved or will it be too late? Her father..... Your going to have to read to find out :D :L :D :L
(sorry its bad i suck at descriptions but please read)


18. Author's Note

Hey guys I am soooo sorry that there is no update up today and I have a good reason so hear me out. I wrote it like it was done I typed it and everything. Then all these other internets popped up and it froze my laptop I tried to take it out but it took everything out and it shut its self down!  I wrote like freaking a lot for you guys and I feel really bad for not having an update ready for y'all. I cant update it now because by the time I finish my moms gonna be home from work and she'll tell me to go to sleep and take away my laptop which she will be home in 30 mins. Truly, Madly, Deeply, I am foolishly completely falling. No but seriously I am sorry for there not being an update I really loved this chapter too cause I felt like it was juicy and that you guys would like it :'( im sorry I failed you guys. Bye andee xxx

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