What would I do without you?

Emily is a 18 year old girl, who is looking for someone to help her recover from her sister, Eleanor, tragic death. Maybe one of her brother, Liam's friends, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall can help her and maybe find love along the way


2. The beginning

"Wanna go to the movies later?" Ashley, my best friend, asked later on the phone. Honestly I was still upset about my dream, but Id been at home the whole day and my parents had to go on a last minute business trip to Los Angeles, so they would only be back next week. "Sure, what time? "I replied. "Is 8:00PM okay? "Ashley asked. "Okay meet you there, bye."

"Liam, will you take to the mall to see a movie with Ashley?" I asked leaning against Liam's bedroom door. "Ya, I'm also going to see a movie at the mall." "Oh ,okay, thanks." I went back to my bedroom and got dressed for the movie. I put on black skinny jeans, with a blue tank top with my converse. Ashley is a very fun person, she has brown hair and blue eyes. We've been friends since eighth grade and we get along very well.

"Are you ready to go, Em.?" Liam screamed up the stairs at 7:45PM. I made my way down the stairs and into the passage where Liam was waiting for me. We got into Liam's second hand BMW, that he got for his 18th birthday and drove towards the mall. We are always quite cautious in the car, since my sister was in the crash, so Liam never drinks any alcohol when he knows that he has to drive home or anywhere. When we got to the mall it was 7:55PM, so we made our way to the cinema. Ashley was already there and so was Liam's friends, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Niall. Ashley was talking to Louis and it looked like Louis was flirting with her, which I felt was quite weird. Louis has brown hair, which is quite thick, and he is also quite cute. I walked up and waved to all of them and hugged Ashley. "Are you coming to the same movie as us, we are watching a comedy, called, called, Zayn. What's it called? Louis asked "Blended," replied Zayn. "Why not. "Ashley replied looking at me, "Is that cool?" "Ya, sure." We all talked, while we got our tickets and popcorn for the movie. When we got into the cinema, Ashley was on my left sitting next to Louis and on my right was Harry with Liam, Zayn and Niall next to him. When the movie started Louis put his arm around Ashley and they laughed together whenever someone said something funny in the movie. "Its kinda weird, don't you think," Harry said which drew my attention from Louis and Ashley. I turned towards him, "Ya, I didn't know they were going out? "I said gob smacked. "Neither, did I," he replied, "You wanna get out of her?" I nodded and smiled.

Harry and I left the cinema quietly and I don't think Liam even noticed I had left. "Wanna walk around the mall," Harry asked me when we got out of the cinema. "Okay," I replied. We walked around and because it was past 9:00PM, most of the stores were closed so we just looked at store windows. We then started playing a game, where when we saw people we would guess what job they had and if they were rich or poor, had a wife and kids or were single and lonely. There was this one man who was stuffing his face with donuts so we guessed that he is single and will always be lonely, and we guessed he was unemployed or works at a comic book store.

As the night went on I learnt more about Harry, like his full name is Harry Edward Styles, he has one sister named Gemma and he likes to play tennis and badminton in his spare time. At about 10:00PM, Liam called to ask where I was, so Harry and I walked towards the exit of the mall, where Liam, Zayn, Niall, Louis and Ashley were. "Where have you been Emily Payne?" Liam asked jokingly. "Harry and I got bored of the movie, so we were walking around the mall." Liam and Ashley looked at me and Harry weirdly but eventually they got over it and we all left the mall. Liam and I, got in the BMW and drove off, except I left with a better feeling that I came with. I felt happy!

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