What would I do without you?

Emily is a 18 year old girl, who is looking for someone to help her recover from her sister, Eleanor, tragic death. Maybe one of her brother, Liam's friends, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall can help her and maybe find love along the way


5. Not just a flick

"Hi," Harry's sister said as soon as Harry closed the door behind us, "I'm Gemma."  "Hi, I'm Emily, nice to meet you Gemma." Gemma has wavy blond hair, with brown highlights, and brown eyes. "Gemma, this is my girlfriend, Liam Payne's sister." GIRLFRIEND, I knew we were kind of on that status, but hearing him say it, made my heart skip a beat and I suddenly had to catch my breath! "Oh, okay, Harry, Mum is in the kitchen," Gemma said obviously giving Harry a hint to go there next. Harry grabbed my hand and guided me toward the kitchen. "Mum, this is Emily, " Harry said squeezing my side as we got into the kitchen. "Hi, Emily, I'm Anne," she said as she put her dish cloth down and extended her hand for me to shake. I was about to shake her hand when a man walked into the kitchen. Anne quickly shook my hand and turned me around, "And this is Robin, Harry's stepdad." Nice to meet you," I said shaking Robins hand. "Nice to meet you young lady," Robin said smiling. "Robin, this is Emily," Harry said stepping next to me, "We're going to my room. Okay?" Anne nodded and turned towards Robin and said something that I couldn't hear. Harry and I started walking in the hallway and walked up the wooden staircase. "Sorry, for the whole meet and greet," Harry said rolling his eyes, but still smiling. " I don't mind, I would do that with my family, but you already know my whole family, because of Liam." I said sarcastically. "Ya, I even knew Eleanor." As soon as I heard her name, I had to hold the tears back, so I just nodded. "Oh, Emily, I'm sorry, " he started as we walked into his room. HIs room was black and red and had posters for cars all over the walls, he even had a TV on his wall. "I'm such an idiot, I'm sorry Emily, She was such a nice person." "Its okay," I said wiping away the tears and spoke again, my voice still shaky, "Actually tomorrow I'm going to the cemetery, do you wanna come with me." "Course, if you want me to come I'll come," he said thoughtfully. I looked at him in a way, to say thank you. We both sat on his bed, I was looking around, when he put his hand on my back. I turned around and his face was just inches away from mine, and he was looking at me with those eyes that could move mountains. "Can I kiss you," he asked me. I nodded, still so close to his face and then his lips met mine once again, and it still felt so perfect. We stayed like this for a long time, and this is were I felt safe, me is his arms. We fit like two puzzle pieces. This is when I knew, this wasn't just a flick.

We lay on his bed, my head on his chest. "What's your brother gonna think," Harry broke the silence," Me, one of his best mates, you, his gorgeous sister, a couple?" "He'll get over it," I said lifting my head so I could look at Harry's face. "So tell me about this band you are planning to start?" "Well, we've been talking about it for a while now, me, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis, and we thought we could start a band," Harry said looking very excited. "Are some of you gonna sing and some play instruments," I said interested. "Well, we were thinking that since we can all sing, we will all sing. And Niall is the best on the guitar, so that's what will we start with." " That's really nice, Harry," I said giving a quick kiss on the lips, "So, you can sing." At that he got up quickly and stood in front of bed. "I think I can, but you can be the judge of that..." Harry started singing "Isn't She Lovely," As soon as he was at the chorus, I was on my knees, I have to admit I was shocked, I didn't know Harry could sing. As soon as he finished the song, I clapped and he bowed. "Do you think I can be in a band, "He asked looking hopeful. " Of course, "I said, "Can my brother sing like that ?" "Ya, well not as good as me," He said jokingly and took me in his arms and kissed me and I kissed him back.

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