Friendship at Deaths Door

12 best friends live in a huge house but they all have powers besides from one and she has to live with it but there powers put themselves and there friend at deaths door so they have to decide to use there powers and send there friend away or to never use there powers again. so should they stay friends or never see each other again fro there safety??


1. who we are

      We are not normal people we never where! My name is Zoey and I'm with my friends there names are Rose, Stevie Rae, Liam, Mason, Ray, Cole, Jessie, James, Ruby, Lucy and Hannah. I'm Zoey I have long blonde hair light blue eyes and I'm '5'10. Liam has long blonde hair and has dark brown eyes and is about '6'2. Rose has long brown hair with dark brown eyes and is abour '5'5. Mason Has short red hair with light blue eyes and is '6'3. Stevie Rae has long dirty blonde hair with deep blue eyes and is '5'11. Ray has short brown hair with light brown eyes and is '5'12. Ruby has longish light brown hair green eyes and is '5'5. Cole has long blonde hair with dark blue eyes and is '6'5. Lucy has short reddish brownish hair with blue green eyes and is '5'6. Jessie has short black hair has brown eyes and is 6 foot. Hannah has long blonde hair with blue eyes and is '5'9. James has short black hair with brown eyes and is '6'4.

    Zoey is 18 years old and she lives with 11 of her friends. 10 of her friends have powers like she does but her other friend is just human. Zoey has more power then her other friends her powers are Air, Earth, Water, Fire and Sprit. that means she can control all 5 elements but when she uses all of them at the same time she can read peoples minds and make them do what ever she wants them to do. She does not know how to use her powers correctly yet so she is trying to learn from her friends but when she does learn all the elements she is going to be the leader and an unstoppable one at that. she doesn't want to be leader but she knows she has to be to keep her friends alive.

  Liam is 18 years old and is not normal he is supernatural. He can control water he has mastered his element of water and is trying to teach Zoey how to command water. Liam can also put up a invisible shield with his mind and no one but him can see it. Liam wants Zoey to be leader not just because she can control all the elements and people minds but because she is the smart one when it comes to crises. Liam is smart as well as silly but you can tell when he's sad, mad, angry and so on. But he is very good company.

  Rose just turned 18 and she doesn't use her powers much she prefers to use her hands and feet. But her power is fire and she often doesn't even get involved scene Lissa doesn't like her any more. Rose used to fight and protect Lissa until see dumped Rose for her boyfriend and they never see each other any more. But Rose runs away a lot to do what ever she wants to. Rose is very very good with her powers but she refuses to use them unless they are practicing. She doesn't tell them what her special power is

   Mason is 18 and he loves powers he thinks that we should use them as a defense to defeat our enemy. He is right but its not up to him its up to the leader of our group that is Cole but as soon as Zoey learns how to use her powers she will be the leader and that's how Mason thinks it should be. Mason is full of ideas but he doesn't always share his ideas that could help all of us out. He's a great friend when you need a shoulder to cry on or even if you just need a laugh. He is also very very friendly when he wants to be. Mason can move thing with his mind. He controls air!

      Stevie Rea is 17 and she is as sweet as apple pie she loves the country and she loves cowgirl boots with blue jeans and plaid t-shirts. She can control the earth and she's help 'in Zoey learn the element of earth. Her other power is she can fly and make other people fly its very cool but when your flying keep your mouth closed. She loves all of her friends that she lives with. But when they get in to a fight Stevie Rae is always the one to go to if you need to settle it or stop it.

    Ray is 19 and he just loves life its self. Rays power is sprit with the power of sprit he can talk to sprits or ghosts if he would like to. He can even change someone's sprit to make it better in the future. His special power is if Ray wants to he can turn himself and other people invisible! He loves using powers and living those are the top on his list. He just loves to be by living things because of the ghost he sees.

   Ruby is 16 the youngest of the group but she can do some pretty good magic. Her element is fire but when she uses her other powers its amazing. Her other power is sprit fire when she uses it the fire turns blue and kills any and every thing bad that the blue fire hit. She learned how to do that at an even younger age she had to be about 13 years old when she learned. she helps train Zoey so she can become there leader.

    Cole is 23 the oldest of them all but not the smartest he is great with his powers and is very sweet and nice but when it comes to life and death he is in kill mode. His power is water just like Liam the funny part about them is there brothers but they act like they've never meet before. They look so much alike its creepy. His other power he can make people think there some one ales its cool I guess. He can be very mean when he wants to.

   Lucy is 19 she never uses her powers or talks to any one witch they find weird but she barely eats anything at all. Its like she's scared of every thing in life they don't even know her last name and Ray cant get in to her head because she's a sprit to. Or she could be a sprit they don't know yet but they hope they will soon. That could be why she never eats and she wont talk to any one they just fell really bad for her. But they will find out very very soon!

  Jessie is 18 and he uses his powers for what ever he can if it means he gets to use them. He loves to pull pranks on all of them and any one ales. His power is Earth and his other power is he can transport things with his mind. Once he tried helping Zoey with her powers and he made her mess up so she was covered in earth when they where done. But he does have some moments when he's really really nice!

  Hannah is 17 and she is a very good friend to be around but its sad to say she does NOT have any powers and that's what she could die from if she stays with her friends. But if she leaves she has no one to go to no one to rely on not even her family. She loves her friends so much she's willing to put her life on the line for them. She loves to watch her friends use there powers because she thinks its beautiful. But she knows the powers are bad for her to know about.

   James is 18 and he is stubborn to deal with he thinks every thing is about him and always will be no matter what they tell him. He is air and his other power is to be lazy he doesn't even know what his other power is he's so lazy. He acts like a normal person until it come to picking on someone then he's full game! He does help out around the house sometimes witch is really nice. Other then that he's normal compared to us.

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