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What's your favorite music . Do you like Rock ? Jazz ? Pop ? Or Latina ? Well I'm more of a rocker gal . Do you have a favorite band ? The beetles ? Nirvana ? One Direction ? Or 5SOS . I personally like 5SOS .

But what do you like about the music . I like how it can toy with my emotions ( crazy I know ) but if it's a peppy song I can't help but dance and sing along if it's a sad song I can't help but think of all my memories .

But am I the only one who does that ? Probably not but it feels like I am . But I love music because it can take you on ups and downs just by playing the beat . I've always wanted to be an artist some how but please I have like a billion in one chances to make it in the music business .

But I still put all if my thoughts in my music besides you .

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