Run for your Life

Erylis: she looks like a fairly normal girl, somewhat of an outcast. She has been going around doing some bad things with what seems like her weapon with multiple forms, causing panic where they go. That is the story most have. This story follows the narrator and Erylis as she uncovers her story to him. Starting from as early as she can manage. But she keeps leaving out some details, what could she be hiding? Or is she just trying to protect her partner? But the real question is far more serious then that. This is somewhat of an evolving story, I may take suggestions from the comments if they fit into the story. So don't be afraid to comment.

originally on Wattpad, here is a link with a note to make sure you people dont go 'stealer' on me


1. Case summary/fun facts

This is how you pronounce the main character's name:

Erylis- Air-a-lease


Case summary:

Name- Erylis Angel Smith
Age- Unknown, under 18
Sex- F
Erylis is charged with disruption of peace, since it is known she is still a juvenile, we will enroll her into the DWMA for training and for a close watch. It is guessed she is a meister, having become one sometime after she met her partner, currently still on the run.


Name- Will ????
Age- Unknown, though similar to Erylis'
Sex- M

Will is charged in the same way Erylis is, disruption of peace, former student of the DWMA, name while enrolled was James, thought to be real name. He is a weapon with seemingly two forms, a long spear like weapon and a long sword. It is unknown when he met his partner, but sometime around the first incident is guessed.




to avoid to many potential spoilers, fun facts will come as soon as i catch up the story on here :)

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