Who will I fall for

It's my first day at school and I'm so nervous , I meet this kid named Dave on my way to school , The most popular guy in school has a huge crush on me his name is Dean ,then there's the guy who's doesn't give a flying rats booty about anyone and his name is Niall.


1. First day of hell

I wake up to my mom screaming my name I quickly get up and get in the shower I run into my room with a towel around me , I get dressed and put eye liner on then mascara , I grab my bag and run downstairs I sit at the table texting my boyfriend.

Zayn~hey baby what's up?

Me~hey and I'm not doin much just getting ready,you?

Zayn~oh well I'm just heading out of the house lol see you soon.

Me~ok well bye then .

Zayn~bye love see you at school

I put my phone down and get up from the table , I go to the cubbored and grab a bowl then I grab a spoon , I hear a text come in on my phone , I get the fruitloops and I grab the milk , I sit back at the table and see the text.

Skylar~ hey Autumn what are you doing I'm coming to your house to walk with you ok?

Me~ ok well hurry the cause I'm gonna leave soon


Skylar~ ok

I put my phone down and start to eat my cereal , about 5 minutes later skylar walks in I finished my cereal and I grabbed my keys and me and skylar left .

I walk with skylar plus I'm texting my boyfriend at the same time , sky jumped out of the way but I didn't and I crashed into a boy on his skate board , I fell and dropped all my books , he got up really quickly and ran over to me , I layed there for about a minute then sky came over and helped me up , the boy was picking up my books I look at him and I help pick up our books he smiled ,"what's your name ?, I'm Dave ", ,"I'm Autumn and this is skylar , thanks for helping me ", I smiled ,"do you no that your really pretty",he smiled then winked ," actually I did ", I smiled then blushed , skylar got Dave's skate board and handed it to him , " thanks for crashing in to me ", he joked .

I watched as he got on his skate board and left , skylar looked at me while I was looking at the far distance of where he road away , skylar looked at me and hit me in the back of the head,"dude what are you doing you have a boyfriend",she said with a smile,"what oh ummm I wasn't shhh don't tell ", I smiled then blushed , me and skylar started to walk again but this time I put my phone away.

We finally got to school skylar left me to go to her locker , I went to my locker and started to put my books away, then a Dean the most popular boy in the school came up to me ,"hey baby what are you doing later ?",he smirked ," I would never go out with you "I said mad ," you look so cute when your mad " , he said mocking me , I shut my locker door and left , he followed until he saw Zayn , I hugged him then kissed him I smiled

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