If I Dont Come Back

An 18 year old girl named Alyssa lives in a house with 2 of her best friends Madison and Maria. Alyssa has powers that are putting her friends lives in danger and she cant stop it so she does something unforgiveable.


3. Old Friends

  H-h-how are you alive I thought you died years ago. let my friends go I yelled at Zack! Now why would I do that if I let them go you would just find a way to blow this place up with you and me in it Zack said. You have a good point there Zack but why do you want me here and now I asked! Alyssa when I turned you in to a vampire I loved you and I still do but now I need answers Zack said. What kind of answers I asked? Before you to go on who is this guy and how do you know him Maria asked? You didn't tell your friends about me Lys that's a little mean Zack said. Girls this is Zack he was the one who turned me in to a vampire because he loves me I exclaimed. That's so cute he wanted you guys to live together forever and it came true Maddy said. Now your friend here knows what I meant by turning you.

  I always knew why you turned me im just wondering what questions you want me to answer right now. Well the questions are easy to answer Zack said. Then why are we tied up I asked. cuz I know you that you can get out with out me catching you Zack said. Lys just answer his questions and do what ever you have to do to save yourself the girls said. What are you doing I yelled? Sorry but we have to Maddy said. You have to do what? Goodbye Lys we always will love you the girls said. They disappear and as soon as that happens a knife almost hits my heart. I yell for the girls but when I stop I realize the knife and see that Zack is passed out on the floor then I lose conciseness.2 hours later. Zack and I wake up.  Lys are you ok he asks before he sees me. No! what do you think? he turns around. Oh my god im so sorry Alyssa zack pleads. Well im not dead so its ok but it was pretty close. So could you I don't know pull it out of my chest I asked? ya Zack said. he ran over to me and pulled out the knife. I must have lost conciseness again because I only remember waking up in a bed with Zack sitting on the end of it.

   Finally, your awake zack said. Where are we I asked? We're at my house you like its big don't you think Zack asked? ya ok its big but do you know where my friends went or how they did what ever they did I asked? Lys im sorry but I don't even know what your friends did back there when they left Zack said. Its ok Zack I said. By the way what did you want to ask me when you got me I asked? I wanted to know what happened to you because you've changed a lot over the years what happened Zack asked? Well I became what I am now I said. And what would that be Zack asked? Im a killer and I like the feeling of being one its a rush I said. Well I have to go find my other friends that know about me so they know im fine and they don't come looking for me like some people I said while looking at Zack. Can I come with you and if you say no im just going to come anyway I hope you know that Zack said. Fine, but do you have a car that we could take cuz I left mine at the warehouse I said. Ya its outside but im driving Zack said. You don't know where I live I said trying to see what he knew.

  You'll be surprised about what I know about you and your "new" house. Ok stop being creepy or ill have to guess that you've been fallowing me my whole life I said. 30 minutes later we where at my house waiting for my friends to get there. About 20 minutes after that 4 people walked in and where surprised to see someone else here with me. Everyone this is Zack he is the vampire that turned me many years ago. Why are all your friends guys Zack asked? Well my other 2 friends and I only have guy friends because guys make the best friends when it comes to keeping secrets I said. This is Tery, he has longish brown hair with green eyes and is 5'9. Here is Jeff he' my killing buddy, he has very long black hair with brown eyes and is 5'10. Then there's Ben, he has shoulder length blonde hair with green eyes and is 6'0. Last not least this is Stark he is 6'0 with short hair and dark brown eyes. So guys im sorry you all had to come here but I think you all need to stay here until we find the girls because they could do anything to you guys and I know you don't want to hurt them because there your friends I said. the guys looked at me like there where going to have a lot of fun tonight. then Zack pulled a aside and said are you really going to have 4 teenage vampires sleep in the same house as you zack said. Ya so what there my friends and if you want you can stay to I asked? Ya I will zack said. We turned back around and walked up to my friends. Ok you guys get to know each other and ill be right back and no fighting in the house if you want to take I outside I said. where are you going should one of us go with you for protection they asked with concerned faces. Sure but only one of you the other 3 have to get to know Zack then who ever comes with me will talk to him later I said

  But who will go with you they asked? you guys pick and who ever wins meet me in the car I said about 10 minutes later Stark walks out of the house and gets in the car. Hey Lys can I drive he asked? Ya I don't care and when we met at the trunk of the car he grabbed my waist and kissed me on the lips I kissed back and walked to the passengers side and got in. So Lys are we a thing now stark asked? No that was a nice to see you again kiss but no more I said. We drove away and went to the store to pick some stuff up like knives, rope, zip ties and other things in that department. We went to different store and bought chains and metal poles as big as a quarter and about 8 feet long we left around 10:00pm and got back a 12:00. When we got back every one looked at us like we where crazy with all the heavy metal stuff we bought.

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