If I Dont Come Back

An 18 year old girl named Alyssa lives in a house with 2 of her best friends Madison and Maria. Alyssa has powers that are putting her friends lives in danger and she cant stop it so she does something unforgiveable.


1. How we meet

    I woke up its dark but I can see perfectly. I don't know why I woke up but I did. I got up and checked on Maddy and Maria. Maria was fast asleep but Maddy was gone I ran down stairs and there she was cooking bacon. Maddy what are you doing? I'm making breakfast what does it look like I'm doing? so your making breakfast at 5 in the morning really Maddy! Sorry I couldn't sleep and I just keep thinking of that night. Maddy if you want we can talk about what happened if it makes you feel any better we can even have Maria talk about it with us only if you want to. NO! Alyssa you don't get that talking it out isn't going to help. how do you know for sure I asked? I just don't ok!! Maddy yelled. I think you just woke Maria up good going Maddy I yelled!!

   I walked up stairs only to see Maria trying to fight sleep. Good morning girly how ya felling? Fine Maria said. lets go down stairs maddy made breakfast I said. this early? Ya she couldn't sleep again I said. why doesn't she just talk about it Maria asked? I don't know you should go ask her and if your lucky she wont yell at you but if she does its not like there's anyone to wake up I said. how about we all just sit down and talk about it Maria asked? Ya lets do that. Maria and I walked down stairs and sat at the table and called Maddy over she came over and sat do across from us.

    Maddy we have to talk about that day we're sorry but we have to Maria and I said at the same time. You guys its ok I want to talk about it, it might really help Maddy said. Ok then who should start I asked? You my friends told me. Well today 8 years ago I woke up it was foggy and I was hungry. So I got up and dressed and ran outside with out telling my parents. I ran to the old graveyard and found you 2 I didn't know you at the time and I hoped I never would. I walked slowly until you guys called me over to know my name and then I made my move I tried biting Marias neck but then a man came out of thin air and pushed me away and stood in front of you guys. Then I ran and jumped on him you guys where so scared you couldn't move then I bit the mans neck not knowing who it was until maddy was sobbing and saying daddy. I drank all of the mans blood and carried him by his feet in to the woods and layed him to rest. When I got back both of you where still there watching me come closer and closer and closer until I was right in front of you. You guys asked me what I was and I said that I was a vampire then you both stood up and asked me: How could you just kill my dad like that Maddy asked me? And I said that I just could because im a vampire and people die that's how the world is.

   What is your name vampire?? My name is Alyssa but you can call me Lys. You just killed my dad why would I even want to know you Maddy asked?!?! Because im a good friend and an even better enemy I said:-) Ok well then I guess we're friends I asked? Yes for now Lys Maria exclaimed!! Then I ran off back to my house and that's the end of my part. And Maddy im still very very sorry for what I did to your family so so long ago. Alyssa its fine I've gotten over it by now and your all ways going to be my friend.So Maddy how do you fell do you feel any better Maria asked? Ya I really feel better thanks for helping me guys maddy said while hugging us.

   We ate our breakfast, got ready and sat down and watched TV. But then I heard something coming from outside and got up got my gun and went out side I walked into the woods but found nothing then someone grabbed me and said if I tried to pull anything funny they would kill my friends. So I did as they said they told me to sit on my knees and do nothing so while I did that they tied my hands and feet together and put a blind fold on me. I heard footsteps and breathing but nothing ales. Stand up Alyssa. How do you know my name I asked? That's for me to know and you never to find out the man said. Well you can at lest tell me your name I said. My name is Jake the man said. Well Jake why are you here I asked? We are here to take you and your little friends to what we call the lab. Well that sounds very nice but we cant go with you to the lab. why its not like you have anything better to do Jake said.

  Sorry to tell you but we really do I said. He slapped me hard across the face so then I shut up. hewed you like that Lys Jake asked? Well sorry to break it to ya but I didn't. I really like that about you Jake said. And what would that be I asked? How you can joke about death he said. I've seen enough of it to joke about it and im not afraid to die its that simple I said. But the question is are your friends like you Jake asked? They aren't like me so why do you need them and me I asked? because you need motivation Jake exclaimed! Now boys!!! his men dragged me and my friends in to black vans all 3 of us are in the same van with 3 of Jakes men. By what I smelled and heard they all had guns and they had my gun!

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