If I Dont Come Back

An 18 year old girl named Alyssa lives in a house with 2 of her best friends Madison and Maria. Alyssa has powers that are putting her friends lives in danger and she cant stop it so she does something unforgiveable.


2. Go!!

       The 3 of us are lined up on the side of the van with are hand and feet tied with blind folds covering our eyes. There are 3 men it the back one man driving and one passenger in the van but is I counted right there are 4 vans in total. We are still moving I don't know how much longer we have to drive but I have to get my friends out of here before we stop. I got my knife out of my boot and gave it to maria to cut the rope they tied her together with then she gave it to maddy and she did the same thing. Can you guys at lest take the blind folds off us cuz I know there are no windows in this thing I asked? Men take off there blindfolds Jake commended! You guys ok I asked my friends? Ya we're fine. I forgot to close the back door did you guys close it at all I asked?

   I was giving them a hint of what I was going to do. I leaned forward and one of the men grabbed my hair and said if I tried to pull anything they would shoot my friends. So for him saying that I got a little mad and nocked the guy out and grabbed his gun. Girls behind me now I yelled ant my friends! they did as I said. Ok guys I am going to nock everyone out that is in this van and then you do every thing I say after just stay close to me ok move out! I walked up to one of the men in the back and nocked his head in to the other guys head and it was pretty hard. then I did the same to the passenger and driver.

  Make sure that door stay shut until I tell you to open it understand? Yes I slowed down to 10 MPH open the door I pulled in to tall green grass JUMP!! I jumped at the same time they jumped and its good I did because right after we jumped the van drove in to a pond and sunk. Maddy Maria are you ok I asked?? When i stood up i seen 2 men and my friends the men are holding a knife to my friends thought. then Maddy pulled the knife away from the guy and head butted him. Maddy gave him a bloody nose and he fell to the ground.  The other guy let go of Maria and ran for Maddy but Maddy kicked him in the knee and he fell to the ground. Maddy Maria we have to go and we have to go fast!! we are in to the pond so no one could see us but im not sure if they did or not.

   Are you guys ok i asked? Ya we're fine, are you ok my friends asked? never better! So how are we going to get out of this pond without anyone finding us? I have an idea follow me we climbed out of the pond and in to the grass. Get on your hands and knees so no one can see you and stay behind me Alyssa commanded!! Now what ever you do stay quiet and while I was saying that we ran right in to the men. Run!! My friends ran like the wind and they didn't come back and I was very glad they didn't so the man got me tied up and in another van but this time they checked me for any weapons and they found 2 knives and a little gun.

   The long drive was over and they took me to an abandoned prison. They took me to a cell and locked me in it mean while Maria and Maddy has 10 booms and they set them every where around the prison the booms will go off in 10, 9 ,8 ,7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 the booms went off and they blow the side wall out of the prison then I found Maddy and Maria and we all ran we stole one of there vans and drove home. once we got to the house all 3 of us  grabbed to book bags each.

  We all filled one of the bags with money$$ and clothes. Then we filled the other one with money$$ and weapons. Then we took our Charger (witch is our car) and drove to a motel. when we got to the hotel and got in  our room we sat down and talked about our next plan. I have to tell you guys something Alyssa said. I know who the guys are kind of. Well tell us if you know something the 2 girls said. About 20 years ago I ran in to them and they knew I wasn't human but they tried to take be back to where ever there hide out is but I killed the men that came after me and I sent them a massage with the dead. What was the massage maddy asked? I will kill everyone you send after me until im dead! So I haven't been bothered by them until now but there stronger now and I don't know how they got so strong so fast.

  Alyssa? Ya? Are we going to live a long life Maria asked? I don't know but I wish I knew. I wish I never brought you guys in to my life I should have left rather then stay here and get to know you because im putting you both in big danger I said. Just never forget that we love you Alyssa now and for ever they both said. Well we should get some sleep then. The girls went to sleep and I went out side for a walk when I realized I was hunger. I walked up to a woman in her 30s and bit deep in to her neck and drank all her blood and left her body there in the bushes where she once stood. When I got back to the motel the girls where gone and there was a note on the bed.

  The note read: if you ever want to see your friends alive again meet us at the beach around midnight tomorrow and come unarmed and alone. From Jake! I finished reading the note and said there going to pay with all there blood! the following day I was getting ready to meet  Jake and my friends and I realized they are going to want me to come with them in exchange for my friends alive. So I did as he said unarmed and alone. When I got there I found that they had the place surrounded with men with guns. Now here's the deal you are going to come with us and your friends will live but you have to put these cuffs on your legs and arms Jake said. where will you be taking me I asked? You mean all of you and I cant tell ya your just going to have to wait Jake exclaimed. You said you where going to let my friends go I yelled. No we didn't we said we wouldn't kill them there's a difference.

  I walked over and gave him my hand. Deal! they walked me up to there car and chained me up and put me in the back of the van then put my friends in a different one. we drive about 20 miles and its really tiring guessing who would want to kidnap me and my friends we drive 20 more miles and we stop then  they put 2 needles in my neck with toxin in them and I pass out. I wake up chained the a wall and my friends are tied to chairs then my very old friend comes out to play and his name is Zack. Do you remember me lys from way back when? H-h-how are you even alive?

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