If I Dont Come Back

An 18 year old girl named Alyssa lives in a house with 2 of her best friends Madison and Maria. Alyssa has powers that are putting her friends lives in danger and she cant stop it so she does something unforgiveable.


4. Getting Prepared

  Hey you guys we should go to sleep now its like 3:00am and I have to get my sleep I stated. But Lys we are having so much fun the guys said. Ok but only 1 more hour and that's it and im going to sleep. Ok but before we go to sleep we have to figure out where every one is going to sleep Jeff said. Oh ya I forgot well I guess you can sleep where ever you guys want to but just saying I don't think im going to be able to stay awake for an hour I said. That's ok you can go to sleep we'll go to sleep soon the 3 guys said at the same time. Zack what about you are you going to stay up with the guys I asked Zack as he looked at me. Can I talk to you for a minute Zack asked? Ya, sure I don't care. Zack dragged me outside.

  Lys do you really trust 4 vamp guys in the same house as a sleeping girl meaning you Zack said. Their my friends and I trust them so don't question me or my friends do you understand what im saying I yelled at Zack. Oh and Zack why are you so protective all of a sudden I asked and walked away. While Zack and Lys where yelling the boys heard there every word. The boys knew Lys trusted them with her life and they trusted her with there's but Zack was a whole new story. im going up to bed guys see you when I wake up I said. I layed down and fell fast asleep.

                                                                *While Lys was asleep*

     So Zack you don't trust us Tery asked? No not really actually I don't trust you at all how about you do you trust me Zack asked? No we don't trust you at all  and we do NOT even want you to talk to Lys any more but life is never fair is it stark states. Boys don't be stupid if you think you can beat me your wrong Lys cant even beat me Zack said. Do you really want to see if see can or cant Jeff asked? Zack do you really think Lys hasn't been training for like the past 100s of years you've been gone well she has. Have you Ben asked. Then we'll have to battle of who's stronger latter when Lys wakes up Zack yelled and walked in to the living room.

  See guys we know Lys is stronger and so does he. He's scared now because he's going to get beat by a girl. We should go to sleep Ben said. Dibs on sleeping in Lys's room Jeff yelled so Zack could hear him. Jeff ran upstairs to Lys's room and layed down next to her. Before Jeff he whispered go to sleep in her ear then he fell asleep with Lys in his arms.

                                                                   *When Lys wakes up*

    Hey time to wake up......Lys wake up you have a fight to win today I heard a deep voice say and knew who it was. And at that I jumped out of bed and hit my head with Jeff's because he stood right above my face. For one why are you in my bed room and two what do you mean by I have a fight to win? Well one I was trying to wake you up for the fight and two the guys and I have made a deal with Zack last night and you guys have to fight each other so you better get ready before he comes in here and starts fighting with you in you Pj's.

  So, they got me a fight with Zack just great how am I going to win this I bet he works out way more then me plus he's older then me so the older the stronger. Ok just get out so I can get ready I snapped. What's wrong Lys it's just a fight plus he doesn't even work out so you have a like a 99% chance of winning so well be in the back yard waiting for you Jeff said. He left me to get dressed. I put on this


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