Cup of Coffee

Jason was taking us to meet some friends. I got there only to finally set my eyes on a group of my soon-to-be life long friends. They all were 5 down-to-earth lads that Would make my summer in America worth it. One however seemed to have a spell over me. His green orbs cast the great spell. A spell which is known to be called '' love ''.


6. Chapter 6

'' Bye Jermy. '' I hug my brother before he leaves for his trip. Yesterday all we did was basically help him pack and bring our stuff to the boys house and unpack.

'' Bye Ali. '' He says and I hug him tightly. I had just arrived and now I'm saying goodbye to my brother again. I'm glad though that he has finally gotten an opportunity that will help his career.

'' Bye Di. '' He says and she punches his shoulder. Di and my brother had always been partners in crime . It's been like that since forever. I could tell she was trying not to cry or something.

'' Bye Lads. '' He says and the boys wave goodbye with us as he leaves in his hummer that I found out was Louis. Louis however said he should use it for now.

'' So ladies it is currently lunch time. Do you want to eat out or are we staying in? '' Liam ask as we all go inside to sit in the living room.

'' I'm actually wanting to stay in. I'll even cook. '' I say and Di is surprised to see me open up to them.

'' Okay so you can just look around the kitchen because we have a lot of stuff from Harry's Mum. She stacked our kitchen with food. '' Niall says and Harry becomes cheeky. Little embarrassed . I try not to laugh at his dorkiness.

'' Before I cook. Can we discuss what we'll be doing tonight? '' Zayn says and we all contribute our thoughts .

'' We could go to that party at um Prues house. '' Louis says.

'' Or we should just rent a movie ? '' Niall says .

'' Do a prank night? '' Harry says mischievously it's kinda funny how he has so many personalities.

'' Okay chill lads how about we let the girls choose. They are guest here. '' Liam says always being the responsible one.

'' Maybe we could go to that party I guess. I've been wanting to try American Beer. '' Diane says and everyone looks at me.

'' Yah I'm cool with it. '' I say and they all cheer. I the. Walk into the kitchen to prep our lunch.

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