Cup of Coffee

Jason was taking us to meet some friends. I got there only to finally set my eyes on a group of my soon-to-be life long friends. They all were 5 down-to-earth lads that Would make my summer in America worth it. One however seemed to have a spell over me. His green orbs cast the great spell. A spell which is known to be called '' love ''.


5. Chapter. 5

'' Hi. '' I said and I smiled brightly. He seemed to not be surprised. Probably a lady killer.

'' I'm Niall. '' Niall said seriously and I couldn't help but smile at his cheekiness.

'' Hi Niall. '' I said hugging him. It already seemed as if Niall were my bestfriend.

'' So are you guys going to join us. '' Louis said as he turned to the table. We all agreed.

Once we all took our places it went like this from left to right of the booth. It was Niall, Diane , Zayn , Louis , Niall , Jerome , Liam , Me , and then Harry. It wasn't as tight as it sounds. The booth that they sat in was pretty big.

( you guys are probably like . Booths? We'll let's just say that this Starbucks was a bit fancy. )

'' So Diane if you don't mind me asking . Where do you guys stay in Britain to be exact? '' Liam asked as we all sat there chatting and drinking.

'' Me and Ali. Are from Cheshire. '' She said and then the whole table turned to me for more facts.

'' Yah we are from Cheshire but me , Di , Jermy , and my mum were raised most our life in a small town called Relin. '' I said and then Jermy cut in.

'' Relin was the best they had the best bread and jam. '' Jermy said and then everyone began the big conversation about there hometown. I although couldn't focus because it was getting kinda cold for my liking. I shivered and I guess Liam noticed.

'' Are you cold love? '' He said as he was about to take off his jacket. Though Harry cut in the conversation.

'' It's okay Liam. You can get chilly. I'll give Ali my extra sweater. '' Harry said and I felt As if Liam was getting mad at Harry through a deep eye conversation they had above my head because I looked at Liam and he wasn't blinking. So was Harry with a smirk.

Soon they stopped talking and Liam got back to the big conversation as me and Harry started our own.

'' here love. '' Harry said as he brought out a red sweater that said Hipstah Please on it. It matched my converse perfectly.

'' Thanks Harry. '' I said as I took it and slipped it on. It was huge in my small 5'6 figure compared to his 5 ' 11 height. The sleeves were so long too.

'' No Problem Love. '' He said as he smiled revealing his dimples. I thought they were adorable. I love your dimples. I wanted to say.

'' Thanks. I like your smile too. '' He said and then I noticed that I had spoken out loud . I really blushed . Hard.

'' Thanks Hazzah. '' I said and then I looked down being so embarrassed . Next thing I know he had his fingers on my chin.

'' No need to be embarrassed love. '' He said as he smiled at me. I smiled back.

I was about to say something untill Zayn turned to ask me something. Cutting short me and Harry's moment.

'' So um Ali. Do you want to I don't know come and stay with me and the boys for awhile? '' I then turned away from Harry and I saw him become focused on the question. I saw he was kind of disappointed or mad that we were cut short.

'' I'm going out of town for a Art Expo in New York. '' My brother said and then I didn't know how to react but I had to answer Zayns question.

'' Um sure. I haven't packed and I'm sure Diane hasn't. I'd love to but only if Diane agrees. '' I said and then the whole table turned to Diane.

'' We'll of course. You fellows seem as close to me as me and Ali are close as Cookies and milk. '' She said as she kinda revealed her little bit of Irish accent. Her mom was Irish and British while her dad was fully Brit.

'' So it's settled. You girls will stay with us till Jermy comes back from New York. '' Niall said and then the whole table cheered.

'' So me and the girls should head out. Just so I can pack and they can prepare or go shopping or whatever . '' Jermy said and the boys agreed.

'' Yah me and the boys should leave because let me say that we aren't as clean as we look at home. '' Liam said and we all laughed. We all got up and when I stood up the sweater was huge and made everyone smile at. Me. It looked as though I was naked under and we'll Jermy and Harry were the first to cover me.

'' Okay um Ali go to the restroom and please take it off or something because they need to know your not naked under there. '' Jermy said in a over protective action. Harry was really blocking everyone's stares with his huge frame.

I couldn't help but blush.

I'm starting to like this guy.

The guy with gorgeous green eyes.

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