Cup of Coffee

Jason was taking us to meet some friends. I got there only to finally set my eyes on a group of my soon-to-be life long friends. They all were 5 down-to-earth lads that Would make my summer in America worth it. One however seemed to have a spell over me. His green orbs cast the great spell. A spell which is known to be called '' love ''.


1. Chapter . 1

'' I'm all set. '' Diane said as me and her were in my room packing to visit my big brother in America. Yes we lived in Britain.

'' Me too. '' I said as I stuffed in the last of my jeans for the whole summer. I had everything in my huge luggage. My simple make up , bikinis , jeans , shorts , tank tops , tees , under garments , and many of the other requires .

'' Thanks for agreeing to came with me Di. '' I said as I hugged my best friend. I don't know what I'd do without her this summer. I mean I am close to my brother Jerome but I needed a girl sometimes to chat too.

'' Of course Alice. '' She said and then we looked at each other and squealed . Excited to finally go see America.

'' Ali! Diane ! Let's go to the airport girls! '' My mom called us downstairs so we could head to the airport . Our flight was at 7: 30 and we didn't have much time.

'' Okay Mum! we'll be down soon! '' I yelled back as I then zipped my luggage and we headed downstairs.

'' Girls ready. '' My mom said as we settled in the backseat after putting our luggages In the back. We nodded our heads as we buckled our seatbelts. My mom smiled at both of us through the rear view mirror before backing out into the driveway.

On out drive to the airport I plugged in my earphones and played '' Radioactive '' by Imagine Dragons. It was a song that seemed to make me want to burst out with confidence.

As I hummed to the intense beat I soon let out words singing then in time with the music and beat. I got lost in my own world. Soon being dragged out of it with a tap on the shoulder coming from Diane.

'' We are here babe. '' She said and then I unbuckled my seatbelt as soon as my mom stopped the car .

Me and Diane went to the trunk to bring out our huge luggages. She had 1 big leopard print luggage while mine had black and white horizontal stripes with red zippers and handles. I thought it was cute.

'' Okay ladies here is an American card . It has 20, 000 dollars that me and the family have been saving up for this trip since last year. '' My mum said as she handed me the gold card. I stared at it with wide eyes. This summer is going to rock.

'' Thanks Mum! So much ! I'll tell Jerome that you miss him. '' I said as I hugged her tightly with a huge smile plastered on my face.

'' Thanks Miss. Grace. '' Diane said as she hugged my mum with a genuine smile. Di had always been like a daughter to my mom because Diane had parents who were barely around but gave her what she wanted.

'' Your welcome Ladies. Just go and have fun okay. '' She said as she hugged each of us again with a big smile. My mum was the best. I was going to miss her.

'' Bye ! '' We said in unison as we walked into the airport waving at her till reaching inside.

We looked around and then found in the baggage check. We checked in our luggage and then we waited our gate for our plane. While waiting at our gate however we bought Starbucks.

Mmmm. My favorite.

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